Chiang Mai Storm

Sawadee Khrap

Here’s what our monsoon storms look like as they approach Chiang Mai – this is a shot from our balcony facing South –  First they are hitting Lampang and the currents are now causing the storms to go further North encompassing Chiang Mai.


This was about 4 PM yesterday – and rained till about 11 PM –

Tasanai was stuck in Lampang until the raining stopped there and then he caught a bus back home.

Here is also a link to the Weather Report for the

storm tracking service 

Interesting but it looks like Chiang Mai is going to be fight in the path of storms for a while now –  

Still haven’t gotten over my cold – so this is brief.



2 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Storm”

  1. I so envy you living there, what I would give to have a “do over” and concentrate on moving from this country………

    Thanks Michael
    It’s never too late, Thailand is not that crowded. It is a great place to live and I just hope it stays that way – keep the Western-izing out. They have their problems but it’s still the best place I’ve found to live. Frank

  2. Frank, Hope the cold clears up soon. Your new model is a real stunner. When can I order a dvd, haha!

    That is quite a spectacular view from your condo.


    Hi, Just about over the cold now – give me one more day to recover. Glad you like the talent, hopefully more to come, and from our view point on the 11th floor we really get good shots at the Southern approaching storms – should be able to get more shots as the monsoon deepens. Frank

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