Chakka Massage – And did you heard this one?

Sawadee Khrap

CRW_6002I’d like to introduce a friend of ours new massage parlor in Chiang Mai.  Khun Montree Jino (Tree) just opened his new facility  “Chakka Massage” at 13 Soi 1 Sotsuksas Rd.  Phone 053–214–201.  I’ve known Tree for almost 2 years and have Copy of 69had many of his expert massages.  I suffer from a herniated disc in my lower back and Tree’s massages have helped me manage the pain.

I highly recommend him and I am very glad to put an announcement here for his new massage parlor.

CRW_6012Offerings:  by appointment only

  • Aroma Oil Massage
  • Thai Traditional Massage
  • Honey Milk Massage
  • Cumcumber Clay Wrap
  • Mud Clay Wrap
  • Body Scrub
  • Facial Scrub

Pricing ranges from 450 Baht to 1200 Baht.  That’s $12 to $30 US

At the present time his staff consists only of masseurs, future plans include staffing several masseuse.   Every masseur is licensed and personally trained by Tree.  Quality at reasonable prices. Be sure and give it a try when you are in Chiang Mai.


 And I almost forgot that I heard a great story at the last Expats meeting.

“A guy was lying in his hospital bed and realized he wasn’t going to last much longer. So he pulled his wife closer to him and whispered in her ear. 

 “Honey, I have something to tell you.  I have been having an affair with your sister for quite some time, but want to you to know that I am very sorry for it.  Will you forgive me.”

And his wife said “Now, Now, I’ve known about it for quite some time and now I forgive you, just lay back quietly and let the poison work.”

Sooooooooooooooo   take heed watch your step.


One thought on “Chakka Massage – And did you heard this one?”

  1. Frank, I think I would enjoy one of those massages, especially one with Aroma oils. Probably Ylang Ylang with Lavender or Rosemary oil. But you must try one with Camomile oil. It’s a sedative. Patients are advised not to drive home after one of these. They’re just so relaxing.
    Another funny story I heard:
    A man asked another “Do you talk to your wife during sex?”
    The other man replied “Not unless there’s a phone handy.”

    Thanks David – I’ll ask Tree to use Camomile on my next massage and report back my findings – keep the humor coming.

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