What a day !! ??

Sawasdee Khrap

What a day, or I should have said evening — we were robbed last night.  He entered in through the balcony and stoled our laptop – right while Tasanai’s mother was sleeping on the couch.  She did slightly wake up and saw someone but thought it was Tasanai, going to the front bathroom and so didn’t say anything.  Pretty brave, to come in while there are people there – but last month we were missing 17,000 Baht or about $500 US — must have come in the same way.  Security in the building is sure they know who is doing it (happened to about 3 others on our floor this week I found out) but they don’t have actual proof Yet.— we are now setting up a motion alarm and will stop any other attempts, just movement will set off an alarm and lights.  But that’s the excitement for today, Thank God we have the insurance.  Bought it last month – never thought it would be needed this soon.

On another point – our neighbour said he really felt the earthquake we had last week – Tas and I slept right through it – Our neighbour said it really swayed the building and lasted for about a minute – first one he has been in – he said it was pretty scary —