Side note on the Massage Post

Tasanai and I were having lunch at a local restaurant  – “Jerusalem Falafel” ( it’s great for Mediterranean food) and Tasanai spotted an article pinned on the wall about a special massage being offered.  After reading the article I decided to try it out so we call to set an appointment.  We were told that their office was in San Sai District about 25 Km from Chiang Mai and the lady’s daughter would meet us at the local City Hall.  When we met at the parking lot, the daughter exclaimed that our car used to be hers – she recognize the license plate even though the car had been painted another color – what a shock – we had just bought it and here we meet the previous owner. 

Anyway we followed her to the office and meet Ni , her mother – she showed us where she had dented the car and it was still there – everyone was really surprise – was it a coincidence or divine assistance.  I’ll leave that question up to you – I think it was the latter.  I needed her services and now we had something in common – in addition she needed some support and help with her web advertising – right up our alley – It’s a small world isn’t it.

Tasanai says that they Ni and He both honor the same Spirit and so the connection is very strong – What’s your comment?

Ciao   Frank

2 thoughts on “Side note on the Massage Post”

  1. Hi Peter
    You can reach her at
    Bunjong Phan (Khun Ni)
    San Sai, Chiang mai Thailand
    Tel: 66 – (0) 53255740

    I understand she is out of the country right now and may be back by December. I am sure she is checking her emails and will get back to you asap. Thanks for the inquiry

  2. Will be in Chiangmai in December. Would like to have the special massage you mention. Anyway I can contact the service providers?

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