Mike’s Burgers – Chiang Mai – Loy Krathong2006

Sawasdee Khrap

Went to a friend of ours Grand opening of his new burger franchise shop located at “The Peak” in the Night Bazaar. Here’s a link for it (Night Bazaar) That’s a mouthful – Brian, a friend, has just opened his 3rd location in Chiang Mai. He started with the first site near the Thapae Gate and had such success he is now offering franchises for the new locations. So far 3 now with plans for several more in CM and some in Bangkok. I went down to get some opening shots and get ready for Loy Krathong’s first parade in the evening. Here are some shots of Brian, and the new owners:

1optfullView-Brian-MikesPeak 1optMikePeak-NewOwners

Next are shots of Pong (Brian’s partner) and Patty behind the grill. Pong is on the right:

1optMikePeak-PongPattyWorking 1optMikePeak-PongPatty

AND the first customers (actually the first to sit down – Jerry and I ordered the first burger and hotdog that evening – but we were sitting at the bar next door)

1optMikePeak-Drian-yngcust 1optMikePeak-FirstCust

Then it was off to the start of Loy Krathong and the first evening parade – these are just some quick shots to give you an idea about what it looked like.

OptLoyKrathong-FireBalloon OptLoyKrathong-crowdParade

Of course there were a lot of boys there – in the parade

OptLoyKrathong-boysfloat1 OptLoyKrathong-boysfloat1back

OptLoyKrathong-boysfloat2 OptLoyKrathong-boysfloat3

And of course the usual floats, dancers and girls

OptLoyKrathong-RoyalFloat OptLoyKrathong-drums

OptLoyKrathong-girls2 OptLoyKrathong-girls

OptLoyKrathong-dancer1 OptLoyKrathong-dancer2 OptLoyKrathong-dancer3

There will be another parade tonight (5th) for a krathong to go to the river and then tomorrow night will be the final larger parade – both Tasanai and i will be there and should get some great shots. I’ll try to get then in too.

I am also checking on some new web templates for the gallery and store – hopefully it will work and let me set it up quickly – stay tuned —– printer died – isn’t it always something.