HillSide4 Condo

Sawasdee Khrap

Just took some quick shots of the condo – no checking for perspective – just to show what it looks like. First the living room and kitchen areas




I had to use the wide angle lens to try to show the best view of the place and it tends to add a lot of distortion – anyway you get the idea. I really like the metal carving art pictures on the wall – we got it at Bann Ta Wai – a small district south of Chiang Mai known for its handicraftsman. You can also see the view we have from the living room – see the panoramic I took earlier. The kitchen is quite large and so far has really been nice for our entertainment of guests, Tasanai loves to cook and has prepared some really great Thai dishes – he’s learning farang cooking now. Now here is the remaining shots:



The bedroom and office — for you who saw my San Francisco apt – I cut and hung the Chinese 4 Seasons murals on the headboard, really fits the decor. The office is just my usual computer stuff

HS4-Waterfall1-Balconybut I did get several insect displays from the Chiang Mai Night Bazzar. And finally here is a shot of the waterfall we have on the balcony – fish and all – really nice to have breakfast out there with the view and the sound of the waterfall. Hope you enjoy –

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4 thoughts on “HillSide4 Condo”

  1. The only way to really see it David is to visit – the doors always open – just give us a couple days in advance and we’ll have one of the units available for you while your here – off season we can rent them for about 800B or $23 US not sure what it is in pounds

  2. Frank, A great looking Condo Apartment.. very comfortable looking. Im quite fascinated with that balcony waterfall. I used to have one similar. But the water pump kept getting clogged up. Ah I can just imagine having breakfast on the balcony with the water trickling away.. and all within view of Doi Suthep.
    You seem to also have a collection of Butterflies framed above your office desk. Iv’e heard that Chiang Mai is a good place to visit for butterfly collecting.

  3. Thanks
    Except for the furniture and some decorating we did the rentals are close to the same – same view or a view of Doi Suthep mountain and temple. The studio units are the same as our living room – but very big and I think they have a kitchen area too – I’ll have to check on that – but food is so cheap you will want to eat out and taste the Thai cooking – not sit at home and cook – that’s no vacation.

    Thanks for the comment

  4. Hi Frank, We really like your condo. It looks very comfortable and with a great view. If we come, it would be great to rent one of them as a home base.

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