Close brush with fate

We just got back from the hospital, went there to make sure we were all right.  We took a trip to Lampang and on the way back started to get a very bad headache, having trouble with blurry vision and very hight-headed.  We just made it to the house and parked the car when I realized we were poisoned with carbon monoxide.  Checking the car, I find it didn’t have a tail pipe extending out the rear – it had broken off at the muffler and fumes were coming in the back area.  What a close call – Tasanai was very sick – almost vomiting – I wasn’t that bad but very dizzy – felt like I was drunk. But we had made it home – sick but safe.

It has taken till today for us to feel better, and we are still not fully recovered.  I took the car into the shop and they added a back tail-pipe  – but it’s amazing that a $10 US – 450 Baht repair could have costs us our lives.   I don’t know if the pipe was on the car when we bought it – I didn’t really check, so I can’t say.  But that simple pipe could have killed us.  It wouldn’t have been much longer before we passed out and got into a accident.

Thank God that’s over, cars fixed and hopefully tomorrow we will both feel back to normal.

Ciao – more adventures to come.


4 thoughts on “Close brush with fate”

  1. Frank, A great shot of Mok Fah Waterfalls. It looks like The Garden Of Eden. Have you ever thought of producing some Calendars.. using some of these spectacular images?


  2. Seems like most get the location wrong – the comments are at the bottom of each post – so this one is for the post above —
    Thanks – needed the input — maybe I can change the comment area to the top of each post – I will try – that will make it easier to work with.

  3. Frank. The waterfall is beautiful. this is my first comment. Hope it works. Let me know.

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