Boys ! , LadyBoys ! , and more boys

Sawadee Khrap

This will be the last video post for a while – it’s a long one and will take a long time to load so bear with us.

Next Tue there will be a LadyBoy contest at the Night Bazaar and we will get video and stills – stay tuned for some great shots and LADYBOYS. a third gender here in Thailand.

When Tin & Dana and later John & Roy visited us we took them to see Simon’s Cabaret. Here is a snippet of the final curtain call from one of last year performances – It’s hard to believe that there is NOT a natural girl in the cast.

When you come to Thailand, make sure that you don’t miss Simon’s of Chiang Mai – you won’t be disappointed. It’s a 1 1/2 hour show that will amaze you – we have been several times and each time there is completely different show – unique and reasonable 400 Baht or $12.50 each — try and find that elsewhere – and of course your Thai friend will get in for 150 Baht or $4.00 – what a inexpensive evening.

Elephant Painting video

Sawadee Khrap

Continuing with some videos – here is one we got when Tin and Dana visited us last year. We went to the Lampang Elephant Camp and Hospital and part of the show consisted of this elephant painting – Tin liked the picture so well he bought it before we left. You can see Tin in the video – he’s the one with the white tee shirt with the brown stripes – sorry he wasn’t more in the video but I know he will recognize the scene.

First Video – Lampang Cremation

In a previous post I talked about Tasanai’s Uncle’s Cremation. A service similar to a Irish wake – first the party with the deceased and then the Cremation ceremony. Here is a short (6 MB so it will still take awhile to load ) video on the final cremation – I’ll let it speak for itself. Then everyone leaves so the spirit of the departed can leave this place.

Waterfall’s – Doi Inthanon Nat Park

Sawadee Khrap

I though I’d post a couple of shots of the beautiful waterfalls at Doi Inthanon National Park – first  Mae Klang — That’s Tasanai in the water.


And then Vachirathan waterfall —– How are these for settings !!!


Now wouldn’t it be nice to see a cute naked model posed at these sites – what eye candy that would be — maybe next time.



Sawadee Khrap

Just installed StatCounter and really pleased – does a great job of tracking the sites traffic – great detail – and IT’S FREE. It only allows a log for the last 100 guests max but that can be increased with a purchase plan and I think it’s reasonable (although I haven’t yet compared it to other pay counters). Now I can see how many countries the site is reaching and what pages they are stopping at – using this I should be able to adjust the site for better presentation.

Check it out for your site.

Graffiti – Though I left it in San Francisco

Sawadee Khrap

Thought I left graffiti as I new it in San Francisco. I have several images in the Gallery and at one time I intended to canvas San Francisco, particularly in the “Tenderloin” and keep for posterity – now I find it follows me.  Here are some shots taken near Chiang Mai University.  Now you know there must be students from the US here – at first I though it was Thai graffiti but check it out.




Asian boys, Asian boys, Asian boys

Sawadee Khrap

What a delight to go to any parade here in Chiang Mai – here are some shots from the Loy Krathong parade last year – sorry I didn’t post them eralier.


OptLoyKrathong-dancer2OptLoyKrathong-RoyalFloat and a girl OptLoyKrathong-girls2

I’m starting to process more images and will try to post them along with some video – just setting up to embed video into the posts.


Just upgraded to BlogJet 2

Sawadee Khrap

Latest News – Just upgraded to the latest version of BlogJet. We have been using this since we started the blog and really like it – makes posting so easy. We were hoping that this version would allow off-line creation and editing of “Pages” – but apparently that’s not possible because of lacking APIs. But if your blogging and new a way to write your post at your convenience and publish when you want to – then check it out. I see it has a new face lift and should be easier to see what the image-text will look like before posting. The editor looks nice so far as I write this post.

We’ve been working on getting our photo studio set up – that’s a full time project. Frank busy with his weekly massage and now local AA meetings, new friends and places to go. He has also been helpfull in teaching me some pointers on the new video software we have.

We are planning on starting a new web site in addition to AsianCoOp. It will be dedicated to Artistic Photos of Asian Men – We have the domain and hope to have it up and running in about 2 months. – First the Studio, then the Models, Photos and finally the Gallery/Store on line. A specialty site dedicated to gay Thai boys and ladyboys. I think it will have the same format as AsianCoOp, Blog and Store for Photos – we will post here when it is on-line for those who wish to view it.



WordPress 2.1 Upgrade

Sawadee Khrap

Just up-graded to the latest WordPress Software version 2.1 — seems to be running OK

I have not checked out the new capabilities of the version and plan to do that shortly – maybe I can easily add new items to the blog now.

Anyway – that’s what is new





Cremation today

Sawadee Khrap

Yesterday we went to Tasanai’s Uncle’s Cremation in Lampang.  His Uncle died last week after suffering with cancer for quite a while.  I am developing the images and video right now, but it will take several says to complete.

Thai Cremations are similar to Irish Wakes.  For 2 days there is a meeting of relatives, with music and food as they prepare for the Cremation itself.  The Cremation day started off with food and music and about 12 noon they started the procession to the Temple with the casket carriage.  This large beautiful carriage, made of teak and containing the casket is pulled by a long rope by everyone at the ceremony.  The Temple was 1 Km up the road and police blocked off a portion of the highway so we could pass.  At the temple, prayers were said and then the fireworks began – a series of rockets on wires were set up around the Temple grounds ending at the funeral pyre – a open raised pit for the actual burning.  When lit, the rockets travelled around the grounds with a loud noise and lots of smoke – then set afire the casket area.  They also had several fireworks in bamboo columns that emitted coloured smoke and made unique loud sounds like elephants make – these were on either side of the pyre and when lit they engulphed the whole pyre in smoke.  Right after this ceremony everyone left so as to allow the deceased to leave – this was necessary because if they had stayed there the spirit could not leave.

I hope this makes sense – I am not a writer and definitely not a story teller – Comment me for more info – I will try to post some pictures in a few days.





Great dinner in Chiang Mai – “Spirit House”

Sawadee Khrap

We just got back from a great dinner at a new restaurant in Chiang Mai.  The “Spirit House”  Owners, Wanchai & Steve just opened it and we went there tonight for dinner.  The Spirit House is a garden restaurant that surrounds a ancient Chedi.  The bar area has classical music, antiques and a art gallery.  Entertainment consists of classical concerts, opera and ballet DVD’s.  They fly the rainbow flag and have sufficient space for large parties.

We had several dishes, steamed rice, pork & kale, sweet and sour chicken, asparagus with shrimp, shrimp cocktail and Thai salad with soft drinks – total bill  450 Baht = $11 US   Not bad for a full dinner for two – excellent taste, no MSG (that’s my real dread in most of the local shops), and large servings so we couldn’t eat it all and had to leave a lot  – too much for us.

When you come to Chiang Mai be sure and stop by.   They are going to have a web site in the near future and I will put a link to it here on our blog.

We are planning on visiting more local venues and report about them in the blog – I would want to develop a list of the best places to eat, stay and find entertainment in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai and surrounding area and post it here so when someone comes for a visit they will be assured that they will fully enjoy themselves without the worry of being ripped off.

We’ll cover more spots as time permits.





Windows VISTA – do you want it ????

Another great article I found.  Actually I have a Alert Newsletter sent to me that everyone should be subscribed to.  Gizmo’s Support Alert.    Sign up here:


Check out the article on the NEW WINDOWS VISTA  Content Protection specs and see if it blocks any of the hardware or software programs, or media like DVD’s you have now – stitching to Vista would or could make your computer life miserable in the future.

Hope this helps


Foxfire tweaks

Hey are you using FoxFire – Do you want to make it behave like you want –  here is a link to a great site for those special tweaks to make the browser work the way you like – try it out.




AA in Chiang Mai

Sawasdee Khrap

Just went to a great AA meeting in Chiang Mai – what made it better than others I have been to is that the members were from all over the globe.  German, Dutch, French, Australian, Middle East, British and so on.   Listening to them share, each with their own problems, but actually the same, really hit home that we all share the same joys, problems, and goals no matter where we are from – just the language is different.  Strip everyone of their Nationalism, Religion and Politics and just talk about their feelings and needs and find we are all the same  – just hiding behind these institutions.  It’s these institutions that fuck up our ability to communicate.  Meetings I went to in the Bay Area were generally limited to locals and so seeing these different views of the same problems was not there.

I’m really looking forward to the next meeting and getting to know the people there –

anyway, my thoughts