Pool Party – first 2007

Sawadee Khrap

Well we went to our first pool party on the 15th floor last night – nice crowd there – relaxed and friendly, although we only knew a couple of the farangs and none of the boys.  Here’s a few shots:

Poolparty1 Poolparty2

Poolparty3  Poolparty4

Not any lighting so the flash was very confined – but you can really see the atmosphere – nice and cozy, dark – just right to meet new friends – I am really looking forward to upcoming parties – as the weather gets hotter and clothing gets less – a night-swimming pool party will be just the thing.

I left the party about 10ish and took Dan (visiting guest) to see a local boy club – went to see the show at “New My Way” — great show, models, dancing and lip-sync’ing lady-boys. Nicely built boys – good show.

Tasanai went with a couple of friends and went dancing at one of the Discos – I don’t like the loud music so he has to find friends who like to dance and can stand the noise – I guessed they danced the night away – I got back home about 1 AM — he didn’t get in till after 3 AM —–  and the cigarette smoke smell – we both reeked of it —– when will they outlaw smoking at these venues – would really be nice – but I ramble now ——




Today’s Saturday — Uhgggggg

Sawadee Khrap

Well today is Saturday and I haven’t got a thing to put into the Blog – it’s 37 C. today – you can convert it to  F. by using the calculator to the right – try it out.

It’s not really hot – or at least I don’t think it’s that hot – but the air quality is terrible – burning in the forest, pollution from cars, it’s really bad today – the official warning is to stay inside unless you have to go out.  I thought I left that in the States – damn.

We are going to a pool party on the 15th floor (top floor – roof) of our condo bldg tonight – it’s a gay venue, pool-side, warm evening, lots of boys – at least that’s what we’ve been told – I’ll try to get some pics and post them tomorrow.

After the party – I am going to take a friend  , Dan – actually Tin’s house mate, ( Hi Tin, if your reading this please leave a comment ) who’s visiting from Oakland, to several of the boy show clubs here in Chiang Mai – that’s in case he doesn’t score at the party. (wink)

Well helping Tasanai with the house cleaning – so that’s all for now


Tao-Garden Pictures

Sawadee Khrap

Here are some images from Tao-Garden Health Spa & Resort in Doi Saket, Chiang Mai.  I really liked the massage, lunch and just simply relaxing and walking around the grounds. When you come to Chiang Mai be sure a reserve sufficient time to visit the Resort – just visit or better yet get a massage – they offer a full menu of services.  But now the pictures, enjoy:


TaoGarden-Rest TaoGarden-River

TaoGarden-Cafe TaoGarden-Dinning

TaoGarden-WalkAs you can see from the photos this is International quality Retreat. Check out their website for more info:   

Tao Garden 

Nattapoun’s Soap flower carvings

Sawadee Khrap

Hi – just want to make another plug for Nattapoun’s Soap flower carvings. What a great seat placement decoration for your next party, wedding, business or special event. We have several in our apartment and they really invite the comments from our guests. They love them.

We are also looking for a sales rep to handle large sales in the local areas – great rep discount – so you can build a thriving business – Local flower, wedding, Hallmark centers, craft, and hobby shops are a great outlet – you set up the purchase and use the web to complete – Set up an account and all sales to it will give you a commission. eMail us for particulars.

Well it’s Sunday night here – Tasanai is not back yet from Nan – so I’ll have some pictures to post probably tomorrow.


Recruting – Tao garden Retreat

Sawadee Khrap

Just got back yesterday from the “Tao Garden Wellness Retreat” in Doi Saket.  Nei, the Tao expert in “Karsai Nei Tsang” massage (genital area), gave me a marvelous relaxing and therapeutic massage.  We took some great pictures of the retreat but Tasanai has them in his camera and he’s still in Nan – when he gets back I will process them and post again.

As far as the recruiting is going  – Tasanai is searching for models for our new web page celebrating the beauty of the Asian Male Body.  We are setting up the site to show and sell artistic, erotic photos of Thai men (boys as they call them here) prints, posters and image CD’s.  Look for our new site called  gThaiStudio .  As soon as we collect about 7 – 8 models and have a gallery of images we will update the site and go on line.

I’m still looking to get the Postcards function set up for our gallery – but so far no such luck – seems like there is always something that will not work – damn – it’s frustrating.  The only way to find software that will really fit your needs is to write it yourself – but now that’s out of the question – so I just keep testing and sooner or later will find the right one.


Temperatures climbing

Sawadee Khrap

We are definitively starting summer here – the temp’s climbing every day now – today it’s 35 C — 95 F  [but a dry heat – ha ha]  getting HOT — but thank God there nothing for me to do –  being retired.     

 Important tasks today:

  1. What for breakfast  
  2. Appointment to get my beard trimmed – badly needed. 
  3. Post something on the Blog   
  4. Relax – stay out of the sun, nice breeze  

Maybe this evening, when it cools down, go to get a massage. – nice way to end a hectic day. 



Penis song

Sawadee Khrap

Here’s another You-Tube video I liked so I d/l’ed it and have it here:  Really funny, and well done


Hope you agree:




Take me back to your house

 This is a test to embed a You-Tube Video in the Posts. – revised it to have a copy posted here, no more links to You-Tube. This is by Basement Jaxx from the UK – check them out and get their DVD – it’s great.

Here’s my favorite, thanks to seeing it on a blog of a friend (Kot), remember he was on the boat trip with Brian and myself to the Mae Tang area in a past post –

Check into Kot’s blog at   Kot’s Blog


Great graphic – David

Thanks David for the great graphic for the LadyBoy – “Miss Queen Chiang Mai Contest”. I used a “widget” to install it – looks great.

So far, I see there are 13 votes and Miss # 9 “Mareaschanok” – has 61% of the votes. Good going – hope she holds the lead. It’s been 4 days since the start of the polling – word is getting out now and we expect the race to heat up. Good luck Girls !

You can check out David’s blog at Dee-John

Hey David – I was just checking your visitor count – over 8000 – Wow keep it climbing



Planning a Thailand trip – check out Bird’s Asian tours

Sawadee Khrap

Hey, are you planning a trip, perhaps to Thailand – maybe Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai ???  


Check out our Asian Travel “Bird” tours . He has some really great tours set up just waiting for you.  ‘Bird’ will be your tour guide, and he’s excellent at it.  Choose from one of the many tours offered or design your own – either way make your trip a real vacation, let ‘Bird’ take over the arrangements – relax and enjoy.  Guide excellence

Looking for SPECIAL evening entertainment   – Just let him know what you are looking for  – he has great connections in the Chiang Mai area and I am sure he can make your every desire come true – email him and see for yourself.

Come and see Thailand – we are at the end of the busy season, prices will go down – tourist will less and you can have the place to yourself.

Try it, You’ll like it





Poll Vote for Miss Queen Chiang Mai 2007

Sawadee Khrap

I have just added a page with pictures so you can make your vote for:

Vote for Miss Queen Chiang Mai 2007 Poll

The free GoDaddy poll does have some limits so I am just showing the “Top” 22 Ladies as chosen by the Official Judges at the event, however the “Other” selection will allow you to vote for any Lady.

The page has images of each of the 44 contestants, in both sports wear and evening gowns (some only entered in one outfit) so you can decided which is YOUR favourite. If their not listed in the “Top” 22 – just enter their number into the “Other” selection and give them credit. I find them all beautiful – it’s hard to decide who should be called number one.

It also lists the Official Winners – but don’t let that distract you from voting for your choice – let’s see if the viewers get the same result.

Sorry, I don’t have all the names and I hope we got the spelling right – we wrote them down watching the full video so mistakes may be there – if you find an error , if you know the Lady, maybe you can have her contact us and we will make any corrections.

Here is the final lineup picture ( Judge’s Top 22) :