The Gospel according to Frank

Sawadee Khrap

I have finally finished my first draft of “The Gospel (Good News) According to Frank”.  Click on the link to read.

This is my experience, strength and hope and the spiritual theology I believe is true and my path.  I have only included the first 2 Chapters in this release and hope to complete the final chapters in due time.

The unfinished chapters are the supporting data and go into much more detail on each subject.  These are listed in the index although not included here.   As always I would appreciate your comments.

Non Violent Communication

Sawadee Khrap

I just went to my first meeting of “NVC” at Sangdee Gallery on Soi 5.  Great meeting and boy am I starting to learn and find that I really need the process in my daily life.  Here’s a great poem from the start of a book on the subject “The language of Life

Words are Windows  (or They’re Walls)

I feel so sentenced by your words,
I feel so judged and sent away,
Before I go I’ve got to know
Is that what you mean to say?
Before I rise to my defense,
Before I speak in hurt or fear,
Before I build that wall of words,
Tell me, did I really hear?
Words are windows, or they’re walls,
They sentence us, or set us free.
When I speak and when I hear,
Let the love light shine through me.
There are things I need to say,
Things that mean so much to me,
If my words don’t make me clear,
Will you help me to be free?
If I seemed to put you down,
If you felt I didn’t care,
Try to listen through my words
To the feelings that we share.
—Ruth Bebermeyer

I am so grateful to have been introduced into this Tuesday afternoon meeting at the Sangdee Gallery and have a chance to develop my  communication skills – When the student is ready the Teacher will arrive – now to stay alert and learn.