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Looking for a place to eat, or trying out special types of food, or seeking friends to enjoy a meal together – then give

Paul’s “The Dining Out Group” a look see.

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Thanks Paul – great job.


better un-cut

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I haven’t really mentioned this in the blog before but I guess now is the time.  Jerry sent me this graphic – reminds me when I was in San Francisco and was a member of NoCirc – not as a flag waver but to restore.  It took me about 1 1/2 years to get some resemblance to normal.  And I am very glad I did – not the original but I sure feel more natural, comfortable, and have gained more sensation.

If you are interested in more information, “restoring”  or joining the cause here are some excellent sites:

    NoCirc  Org
    Circumcision Org
    Students for Genital Integrity Org


Cambodia Out and Richard’s pub-Bkk

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Planning a trip to Cambodia


in any event check Cambodia Out.


A great site to check up on the happenings of the GLBT community and plan your trip to include all the must visit venues.



Thanks Jim  (webmaster at Cambodia Out) for your nice comments about my blog – glad you enjoy it.   

Jim is also the owner of  @Richard’s Pub  & Restaurant in Bangkok.  Make sure you stop by and say hello here too.


Thai2English website

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Here is one of the most useful web-sites I have found, especially since I am having so much trouble speaking and learning Thai.


Of course a better way is to purchase the program and have it on the computer all the time – no Internet needed and much, much faster.  But if you only occasionally need to look-up the Thai meaning or translate Thai into English – then the online version will do just fine.   Check it out.   http://www.thai2english.com/online/


New things in the last few days

First:  The old Simon’s will be reopening as a new venue “Playhouse Entertainment Complex” in November.  They are rehearsing now and I for one can’t wait to see the new show.  Here some early info from CityNow. I\m going to check it oust and will post again.


And secondly, Here a great blog to visit too.  Phuchai  ZLaurent’s  “11z Blog”  He’s got some great posts and pictures of boys he met in his travels.  With Chiang Mai being his favorite city to visit in Thailand and why.  Stay tuned.


Adam’s opening night went super – they had to turn away over 50 expectant guests because of lack of space – it was crowded but a hell of a good show – Last night it wasn’t so crowded but still a super show and the go-go boys are getting more relaxed and playful – great eye candy.

So if your planning to come to visit – by the end of November Chiang Mai will have a wonderful set of NEW venues to entertain every night – boys, boys and more boys.  Adam’s. –  Lavender Hotel (Power Boys) and the new Playhouse will  add to the night-life eye candy. 

Book your flights NOW.  Be here for the beautiful Loy Krathong -Water Festival  November 2nd Check other 2009 Thai Holidays here



50 Free Temporary, Disposable and Forwarding Email Services

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Check out this article on MalwareHelp.org

“Every time you give out your email address on the web, you risk getting your email address abused by spammers. Instead of giving out your private email address, give out a temporary Disposable email address (DEA) which receives the messages and forwards to your private email address or displays it on the providers Website. The spammers will never find out your private email address.”



Some Windows Tips

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Did you purchase a Dell or HP Notebook ?

Having motherboard problems ?  Read this article:

Dell and HP balk at replacing bad Nvidia chip

or   More reasons to postpone that upgrade to IE 8

WindowSecertsIf you are not a Windows Secrets subscriber yet – you should be – This is a great subscription to have coming. lots of great tips, articles and suggestions.


Try it  – It’s FREE version will alert you to what’s in the paid subscription.



Digital Mixes – Alex – Chiang Mai Life

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Last Saturday, at the Expats Club meeting, we were treated to a fantastic presentation by Alex Boyesen – local sound/media man and expat.  Alex brought samples of some of his work and gave a talk on media magic.   He uses Sony Vegas (video editing) and or course the Adobe products, Photoshop and After Effects – just to name a few.   Really gave us some inspiration and ideas

I’m sure we will be in closer contact with Alex in the future.

Check out his web sites:  DIGITAL MIXES   and   CHIANG MAI LIFE    – I really like the clips about the local markets – look forward to seeing and learning more about Chiang Mai through their web-site,   Hope you enjoy it too.