Love Foundation–Clinic

Sawadee Khrap


Just got back from a visit to the “Love Foundation”.  met “Ten” , sexy guy, the founder, and incidentally he is also the founder of Hornet- gay chat, and had my test for HIV, Hep B,A – clean report.   But no immunity to HEP.       They are located between Big C Extra and Index.

PREP-webBut I did learn some great stuff while there – They also have a medicine that can be taken every day to enable one to live with a infected partner – 950 Baht/Mo.  of course you  can also take it without a partner and just play around but it is not recommended.  But it will offer some protection.  And of course they also have the other HIV-AIDS drugs too.  And Hep-B shots which I will be getting later in the month.  Great service, people, friendly and not prying – if you know what I mean, everything can be anonymous if you want.

Their pricing is very reasonable – 20 min for test results and as I said before great and friendly people to deal with.  Get tested don’t take chances.pricesheet-lovefoundation-web


The Gospel according to Frank

Sawadee Khrap

I have finally finished my first draft of “The Gospel (Good News) According to Frank”.  Click on the link to read.

This is my experience, strength and hope and the spiritual theology I believe is true and my path.  I have only included the first 2 Chapters in this release and hope to complete the final chapters in due time.

The unfinished chapters are the supporting data and go into much more detail on each subject.  These are listed in the index although not included here.   As always I would appreciate your comments.