Sawadee Pee Mai – Happy New Year Thailand

Sawadee Khrap

This is SONGKRAN – Thai New Year and we are in celebration.  Water throwing is happening on Thrappraya Rd. and a lot more at Pattaya and Jomtien Beaches.   The kids are in full swing now – out in front with their water buckets – now that’s a lot of fun – it’s the drunk adults that used to piss me off – but the new Gov’t passed laws outlawing trucks with 55 Gal drums of water running on the roads and High-pressure water guns – severe fines for these.  That should stop a lot of the accidents and keep everything to just fun.  But I’m just going to stay home and DRY.  haha

Charlie came to visit over for the weekend and left this afternoon to go back to Bangkok – so being alone again I had a New Year Massage – Great.

SAWADEE PEE MAI   everyone.


It’s LOW SEASON — No Shit

Sawadee Khrap

20140930_143305Here’s a shot at 2:30 today, Tuesday 30th down Jomtien Beach area walkway – if you look very, very, very far in the distance you may be able to just make out “Ted” on his daily walk with hands behind his back. – That is how slow it is around here lately.  This is the worse it has ever been – by everyone I’ve talked to  – NEVER this bad.

But wait  – just posted in the newsletter is a new article with important information being mulled over to advance tourism –wrist bands   “Wrist Bands for Tourists”

Now this is a novel approach – destined to stand out as the remedy of the year.  But you need to read the article yourself. – Love the responses too.


Sawatdee Pi Mai


I don’t have anything to write and intend to stay in the condo all week – going to the doctor on Thursday for check and to find out when we can have the operation, meanwhile resting.

GayinChiangmaiSooooo,  I grabbed the heading from Peter’s great website   “Gay In Chiang Mai”   Make sure you check out his posting on things to do for the holiday in Chiang Mai and you can also check with NIcky’s Gay Thailand for venues in Bkk, Pattaya, Phuket, and so on.

So I hope you all have a great WET, SAFE and HAPPY Thai New Year week.   See you next year.


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 – Sawadee Pee Mai

Sawadee Khrap


Not too imaginative this year, just starting to feel better after having a bad bout of food poisoning -  Really put a damper on my Holiday. -  Feeling better now and eating solid foods again – I’m looking forward to the new year and some new models to bring some exciting images to the blog.  I am praying you and yours a VERY HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.


Loy Krathong 2013 Jomtien – Boy O Boy was I wrong

Sawadee Khrap

Boy-O-Boy, was I wrong – I just had breakfast with a friend visiting from Chiang Mai and his description of Loy Krathong at Jomtien Beach was the exact opposite of what I expected.   He, Kevin, said that this proved to be the best Loy Krathong he has ever attended since moving to Thailand – Wow – – and I stayed home and got no photos.  Damn ‘it,  I shouldn’t be so pre-judgmental and lazy.  -  just go  – if it’s bad,  don’t post  – if it’s good  then I have the images.   I hope I can learn this lesson if I want to become a true photographer.

CaptureI also missed the “Miss Mimosa” pageant held on Loy Krathong night – some lovely  girls  were there. Winner Ms. Nong Nut got 100,000 Baht.   Here’s a write up and video from “Pattaya People”.

I’m getting sloppy – sorry.


Happy Loy Krathong or Yi Peng in the North

Sawadee Khrap

“Loi Krathong  takes place on the evening of the full moon of the 12th month in the traditional and they do this all evening on the 12th month Thai lunar calendar. In the western calendar this usually falls in November.”  This year Nov, 17th,  2013.

This year I’m staying home and not going to celebrate at the beach – I really miss the pageantry in Chiang Mai and the floating the krathongs on the Ping river.  It was always a lot of fun and great crowds. But this year I’m not ready to brave the flood of mostly Russian tourist that will be flocking to Jomtien Beach – not knowing what it is all about  – just making a lot of noise.   Much different that Chiang Mai which is almost all Thais.

But for good news, I just got a absolutely wonderful oil massage, best I’ve had since ‘Khun Pea’  in Chiang Mai.  Khun Lek came to my condo and gave me a superior 90 min Oil massage – and we have set a repeating date for the future.  He has also agreed to model for some photos – and I will be posting his mobile number and contact information shortly.  Very handsome young man with a super figure and smile – stay tuned for some great images and how you can contact him for a great massage.

AGAIN:      Happy Loy Krathong,  – Yi Peng.


New Year Merit Making–View Talay 1A

Sawadee Khrap

_MG_1941A good way to start the new year is with a Merit Making Ceremony – giving to the monks for merit for future life – good karma.   So at 8:30 they started setting up and at 9:30  the monks arrived – they also had food for everyone – lasted about 2 hrs in the parking lot right below my condo.


I like this shot – the young monk spotted me on my balcony with the camera – only one down there that I could see that looked up._MG_1941-Edit




Happy New Year 2013 Pattaya Fireworks

Sawadee Khrap

This is my first attempt at making a video using Photoshop and getting it on the blog.  Crude but shows the essentials. I’m not sure how to render for the web – also had to upload to YouTube using Microsoft Live Writer as a blog editor.  just guessed at the settings.

Click on image to view movie

CaptureThe opening of the video was the local TV station’s coverage of the Bali High Port Celebration.  The festivities started on Christmas Eve and lasted till New Year Eve – tonight.  I just captured some footage from this evening – just before midnight and then the fireworks.

As I pan, you can see from Jontiem Beach area on the left to South Pattaya, right  – with Bali High in the middle having the largest display.    The screaming you hear in the background was the girls on the roof of our building enjoying the show – I stayed in my condo, safe from them and any mosquitoes.

It’s a hell of a lot more spectacular from the balcony than the video shows – so next year, plan on coming and see it in person, accompanied of course, by your favorite local young man – he and the show are waiting for you.


Merry Christmas

Sawadee Khrap

To be truthful I’m not really in the Christmas spirit this year.   No snow, and it is just a grand tourist shopping event here.  Tonight I sat in front of the computer and this is the best I could come up with.  Not depressed, just not into the festive mood.  But for all of you out there   MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

MerryChristmas2012There’s going to be lot of parties around Pattaya and shows for the holidays and I will try to record some shots or maybe a video – but no promises.

“Venue” Christmas Show 2012

Sawadee Khrap

_MG_1008Just went to the “Venue Christmas Show” – little darker than usual and the new LED background display is really bright and causes some problems for the camera.  But still I think I got some good representative shots of all of the acts.    Always something.


******* SLIDESHOW  *********

This is big slideshow – 307 photos – so takes a long time to see.

_MG_1467_MG_1798_MG_1851As usual GREAT SHOW – In my opinion, for your money you can’t find a better show in Pattaya, and what always amazes me is that all the performers are smiling and happy and really enjoy entertaining the guests – They will have a new show for New Year and I will try to attend and get something, maybe a movie – MERRY CHRISMAS


Songkran–2012–ThapPhraya Rd. Jomtien

Sawadee Khrap

Staying inside this day – don’t want to get wet or covered with powder. 

Pattaya 2012 Songkran on ThapPhraya Rd in Jomtien

But here is a short clip out my window of the mayhem.   It will go on for the rest of the day.  Chuay stopped by and went to Jomtien Complex to throw water at his bar and celebrate with them – coming back later and then we will go to dinner. HAPPY SONGKRAN.