Post Club – new gay venue

Sawadee Khrap

A NEW gay bar has opened in Chiang Mai that needs our support – Owner Ton, 2nd from left in staff picture, invites you to his small but “home like” bar and restrurant.

CRW_4063CRW_4071He has some great employees to serve you — left to right,  “M” , Ton Owner) , Nut, and Donut. 

 The staff also includes several other boys not shown in the photo – I took this at opening time 5PM so everyone was not there yet – typical busy time is about 9 PM.  They are located in a University area so have a lots of students stopping by.   In addition you can enjoy the great eye candy, who are walking in the neighborhood, while you have your drink.







So make sure and stop by to say hello and meet the staff.

I know they are anxious to meet you.



Great drinks and a wonderful menu in case you are hungry – that is for food I mean  – not boys  — 

Sorry about the map -I just scanned in their brochure map and added by hand where Adam’s Apple Club and the Garden bar are for reference.   Check it out



Opening of Lanna Lavendar Hotel

Sawadee Khrap

Went to the Grand Opening of the new Lanna Lavendar Hotel on Oct 5th – WOW – GREAT – Great Music, Food, and Boys, Boys, Boys —– Brian and Pong were there too and Brian got these photos – I didn’t take a camera – still not in the mood.  Enjoy.
































Metro Bar, Chiang Mai – Open – fantastic

Sawadee Khrap

Metro Bar 2

WOW – The Metro Bar is open for business and what a delight.  Todd and Pia have out-done themselves on this place.  I was going to take some pictures to show but Peter West & Sa  from ChiangMaiChimes has done a great job so I’ll just post their link here.


I went down last night to see the place and have a Sprite.  beautiful decor, great bartenders, and reasonable prices – I assume they will be a little bit higher in the busy season, but Todd assures me that he has no intention of gouging his customers – be prepared for a great evening and not emptying your pocketbook – that is concerning the club but of course you can always approach one of the cute boys in the bar and things may change.  And there were several cute guys in the club while I was having my drink and that was before 9 PM – I wish I could have stayed to see who came in later in the evening.

I am told that Adam’s Apple is expected to be open in about a month – Thai time, that is – we’re hopping – then hit the “Metro” for a drink, trip upstairs to watch the show, and back for a night cap.  Todd also promises that Metro will not be a place where you have to fight off the money boys – no pressure, great atmosphere and good parking (that’s a major difference too)  Be sure to stop by – Opening month – free snacks too.




Pool Party Saturday eve 23rd

Sawadee Khrap

If your in Chiang Mai don’t miss the Liam Suan Dok Mai Belgian Restaurant & Guest-house “Pool Party” on Saturday the 23rd evening starting at 5 PM.  I went there for dinner last night and it was great.  And to my sunrise Narin was there. Valere Geurts & his sister opened their new Belgian restaurant and Narin is Valere’s boyfriend.  Here’s the restaurant flyer:


Should be a lot of gay boys enjoying the pool – so come , have dinner, swim or just mingle.

I’m going to go and promise to have some pictures for those of you who are too far away to join in or were unable to make it.



Adams Apple opening soon

Sawadee Khrap

Just talking to Todd and Pia, the new owners of Adams Apple and they say the Metro Bar & Lounge should be open for business in about a week and the Second floor – Adams Apple Club will be in about 2 months – 

If the new Club looks anything like the Lounge (Designed by Mohammed) it will be a instant success – I know the line-up of boys will be the best in town and I am told the the “Boy Scout” skit will be the only one they are keeping from the old AA routines. Can’t wait to see the new talent.

Check out their web-site and be sure you don’t miss the opening, or for that matter any show, if you are in Chiang Mai   I’ll get some pictures to show for the next post as it opens.



Medical Services in Chiang Mai

Sawadee Khrap

Nu was just at McCormick Hospital for his motorcycle accident and I have used Chiang Mai Ram 1 several times,  Here is a great list of Services for Chiang Mai.  but from what I am told by the locals is that: 

Maharaj Hospital  (Suan Dok Hospital)

should be the first place to go. 

Many Expats have told me of the great service they have received at Maharaj and that they also have the best pricing available. 

For example, my friend, Toivo and his partner Thip say;

 “I have (unfortunately) had a lot of experience with them, and have to say that the service has been top notch.  Thip’s stay last week with two Doc exams, two injections, hourly BP checks and a Private room with AC, Fridge, Bathroom, and guest beds was under a 100 bucks USA.  Amazing……  OH, and that included breakfast and lunch for the both of us. 

If you go to the 13th floor of the building with the emergency entrance  (The one nearest Suthep Road) at Maharaj Hospital, you end up in the Special Medical Services Center where lots of people speak English.   For a tour or an appointment, contact Kuhn Kessini at:

phone:  081-681-1616 after 9 AM.”



Here’s some links to a little history of the hospital – and an Expats discussion group on the subject.  And a map  (also shows other Chiang Mai University sites).

I will set an appointment after Songkran to take a tour and set this as the primary hospital we use.


(Ya, that’s right – Songkran will be this 13,14,15th Thai New Year – Sawadee Pee Mai  and the famous “water festival”.  I’ll be at Central Shopping Center to capture the action  – stay tuned for more photos.)




Miguel’s New Site – Grand Opening Party

Sawadee Khrap

Hey, you guys in Chiang Mai be sure and visit the original Miguel’s on the moat before Thapae Gate (Chaiyaphum Rd.  082–897–6427) and get your free INVITATION to the Grand Opening Party April 25th for the new location at Nong Hoi.  Here’s ours, we will be there for sure  – hope to see you there too.

Great Authentic Mexican Food and Drinks


Mark says that there will be some “sunrises” – I can’t wait to see what that means – I asked him would it be some beautiful boys.

He just laughed and said that it would be hard to beat Nu – thanks Mark for the compliment, I know Nu appreciates it.

I think, Randie, his sister, will be the manager.  We meet both Mark and Randie at the last Expats meeting where they came as a new sponsor for the club.  I hope I have the spelling of her name right. 



MapJack – Your City Online

MapJackClipWOW, here is a site I just saw and it’s amazing.  MAPJACK .   Check it out – and it needs your support to grow.

Here is a snippet ! 

(made using Vista’s neat program they don’t tell you about “snipping tool” – click Start-Run– type snip <Enter> )

I went to San Francisco, down to Bush & Market and saw the panoramic virtual photo of the front door of Ikon, my old office and ten down Geary Blvd to where I used to live before I moved to Chiang Mai. – Beautiful photos !!!!!!!!   . 

 I also took a walk up Huay Kaew Rd in Chiang Mai past Sithana College (Nu’s old school – but back next year) and up to the front door of Hillside4 (our old condo) – just as exciting – You have to see this to believe it.

Here’s what they say about thier site – “ showcases a new level of mapping technology. What others have done with NASA budgets and Star Wars-like equipment, we’ve done on a shoestring budget, along with a few trips to Radio Shack. Specifically, we developed an array of proprietary electronics, hardware and software tools that enable us to capture an entire city’s streets with relative ease and excellent image quality. “  

And BOY O Boy they are not kidding.

Please check out their site.



Centre of Universe – Chiang Mai

Sawadee Khrap

Well we finally made it to “THE REAL CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE”.  At least to the private swimming club and resort with that name.  We went to a BBQ featuring Tuskers Bar’s famous BBQ ribs and other great offerings. 

We didn’t swim but did watch the others and had a good time – another new place to visit when your hot and want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Chiang Mai.  The resort is a new sponsor of the Expats Club and this was a get acquainted day, and Tusker’s provided the food.

Beautiful place to swim, cool down, relax and enjoy time with friends:











Golden Ball Restaurant – Chiang Mai

Sawadee Khrap

Bon, a friend of ours is opening a new restaurant in Chiang Mai.   Tasanai just designed his new business cards and when you are in Chiang Mai be sure and stop by.  Many cute boys as waiters and excellent food – both Thai and Farang.  GoldBall-Front copy





GoldBall-Back copyGrand Opening scheduled for August 1st

Here is the map for the local boys –

See you there !!!!


Their web-site should be up and running soon – They tell me they will have pictures of the staff – be sure and check it out too.


Setting up the Expat’s Photo Group

Sawadee Khrap

Several guys from the Expat Club of Chiang Mai are revising the Photographic Group and I am helping out.  We are planning on having evening meetings about twice a month, with time for critiquing photos, tutorials (film & digital, lighting, processing, editing, and framing) , and live product presentation by local businesses.  So far plans are to have the first full meeting about  mid September at Tusker’s Bar & Grill.   I plan on helping out where I can  – great group of guys and some professionals as well.  Great learning experience.Best party in Chiang Mai




We really like Tusker’s —– so if you are in town make sure you don’t pass it by.  Next month they are having a BBQ party, sponsored by ThaiVisa and Tasanai and I plan on attending – August 18th.  This should draw people from all over Thailand. I’ll try and get pictures of the festivities.




Video – Sabadchai – Drum Special

Sawadee Khrap

Here is the full length presentation of “SABADCHAI”  performed by the School For life boy’s drum team.  This was the opening act for the dedication of the new boys dormitory from funds received from the 2006 Hillside4 Condo Roof Top Charity Night.

This is a Thai ceremonial drum song used in various observances from welcoming guests to the preparation for war:


Video – School For Life Boy’s Dorm Dedication

Here is video clips that Tasanai took for the domitory dedication for the School For Life. It also seems that we didn’t include a shot of the dormitory itself – a plain brick building to house the younger boys. We are going back and I will get some better shots of the full school layout.


School for Life

Sawadee Khrap

Tasanai, I and a friend, Mike, attended the ribbon cutting dedication of the new dormitory for boys at the School for Life, on the Suan Suoi Fha Sai (clear skies over beautiful garden) Farm deep inside a royal forest in the Doi Saket Mountains.   Our Condo held a fund raising party on the 15th floor last Dec and raised over 1 Million Baht  so they could build the new dorm.

I didn’t get any pictures of the grounds – we will go back to present the school with copies of the pictures we took and then I will get better images of the site.  It is much larger than I thought.  I am going to offer to take more images, especially of the children, if they want, so each can have their own picture.

Here are some random shots of the children and the afternoon:















Don’t your heart go out to these kids – Here are some dedication images







Then we were treated to Drum and Dancing by the children:







The dedication by the monks:







And finally a Soccer game with the Farangs and school teams:













Then I ran out of memory – more games followed, cucumber swing and hit the ball – wish I had gotten shots of this – It was great fun,  and the chili, coke and power game – I won’t try to explain these – leave that for your imagination.

We had a great day and will go back again –

They are looking for Sponsors for the children and I will post another time on how and what it involves

hope you can help.