Isn’t he lovely

Sawadee Khrap






Here are several versions of my masseur’s images.  Isn’t he sexy!

On the last one I used a template from  “PhotoFunia”  – they have some great scenes that you can submit your photos to and have them processed – only problem is that they don’t like nude, xxx or what they term offensive shots ( ???)  – so I have used this one in Photoshop to be able to add what I like.

Also you can check other same sites such as ,   Dumpr , FunPhotoBox , LoonaPix, Photo505 and  MagMyPic


getting used to Pattaya

Sawadee Khrap

Just getting used to Pattaya, little hotter than Chiang Mai, but has so much more to offer.  My daily trips to the beach has opened many new friendships and several evenings I have taken in local shows.  What’s nice is that they are within walking distance – so boredom is becoming a thing of the past .

8967--2Here’s a photo of a new friend I met.  Photography is still my major activity – Models are also easier to get here – so I intend to post more images in the future ( and paintings, I’m working on a few now)

This afternoon a friend will stop by to work together on Photoshop and developing better photo skills – he’s a professional journalistic photographer and I really look forward to learning new techniques.

Later this evening, Dana, will arrive from the US and I will meet him in Boys Town.  This will be the first time I’ve gone there and plan to bring my camera to get some shots.


Painter 12 – Great Program

Sawadee Khrap

Just started to try my hand at painting again – What a great program Corel Painter 12 – The Leading Digital Art Software.


Try it out  – I am sure you will find it is well worth the money – It will open new artistic doors you had only imagined.  Try it first but I am sure you will buy it as I did.

So I tried my hand at a Chalk painting (Drawing) of a photo taken of a old friend of mine in San Francisco. By old I mean several years ago when I lived there – Roughly done and with a single square chalk brush it has started me back to checking out some of my older photos to see which would be a good candidate to turn into a painting.


I am just starting to experiment with its impressive array of brushes, paper textures, paints, oils, watercolors and more and will start producing better projects in the future to show.   Although it’s very crude I hope you enjoy.


Pea’s new Photos – latest news

Sawadee Khrap


Did some photos for Pea last week and finally found time to post them – shot in studio and then Photoshop’ed  – these two are my favorites.  Pea liked them and I hope you do too – comments welcome.


In addition:

It’s not been a good week – 2 people I know in hospital this week, got to visit them and both are doing OK -   In addition, Ton, who cleans my house has broken some ribs and will be out of commission for at least a month (it took me longer than that when I broke mine) – So I’ll be busy cleaning for a while.  Also working on photos for 2 other guys and when I get them approved I will post them too.


P.S.  Here’s another version of the first photo – Old fashion style.



High Dynamic Range–wow

Sawadee Khrap

Just started to shoot HDR images – with the 7D, I have set up a special HDR shooting mode that will take 3 bracketed (2 stops apart) RAW images automatically.  _MG_5992-EditThe aperture is set to 5.6 and shutter is _MG_5959-Editadjusted in the 3 exposures. Almost point and shoot.  I chose some very high contrast scenes and used the HDR Pro in CS5 to process.  Check out the detail in the shadows while still maintaining the detail in the clouds – amazing.  _MG_6001-EditThese are all hand held shots too.  In fact I did over push the color of the sky – could be a little less intense blue, but that can be adjusted – now I want to try Photomatix Pro to see if it will give better results._MG_5923-Edit  I can’t wait to go get some new shots of the landscape images I did in the past.


The Model – CMCC

Sawadee Khrap

_MG_5862-filmstripHere are some Photoshop examples I did from the Model shoot at CMCC.

Just playing around and seeing what I can do for some new ideas.  lot of stuff from PixelDesign – photos, templates, Styles,  and  Scrapbook ideas.

really nice stuff and gives me help learning design and art – I do want to start painting again and hope to have some examples to post later,

And naturally I had to play around a little bit: but I had to remove the photo because she thought it was too provocative –


New Photoshop work

Sawadee Khrap

Just finished a series of photos from a shoot last week.  Craig wanted some shots of his b/f, so we set up a session and here are a _MG_5220-Editcouple of the finished photos.









Just testing out new designs – many helpful templates from PixelDesign have really helped.  And the new camera is working great

Hope you enjoy


Pea stopped by

Sawadee Khrap

_MG_2605-Edit-2Pea stopped by for a very short snapshot session – We plan on doing more next week when we have more time – But I thought you would like to see this handsome man’s portraits.  I did several shots when he was a monk in earlier posts – but really look forward to doing some sexy shots in the future – if he agrees I’ll post them here for all to see.

As you can see he is very striking and even better in person. Quite photogenic so I will have a lot to work with for some future shots.

Anyway  enjoy



Meet “S”

Sawadee Khrap

Just got the new camera back – Canon did not honor the warranty in Thailand so I had to pay to get it fixed – kind’a  “fucked” for what is being called a “Professional” camera.  But,  I am back to shooting again.

But I also have a lot of catch up to do of photos I have taken with the old 350D and the new lens._MG_9005-Edit

  • Poi Sang Long – Wat Pa Pao
  • Songkran at Huay Keaw Shopping Center

and photos with “S” from Bangkok. 

I’ll post the first two as soon as I get them finished, but in the meantime here are several shots of “S”.   This was a quick photo session as he was only visiting Chiang Mai for a couple of days – I quickly ran these through and now waiting for S’s reply.  He took a copy of all the images with him so he could edit them at his leisure – and I’m looking forward to seeing his Photoshop work.  Hopefully I’ll be able to post them here too._MG_8733-Edit 








Just playing around with Photoshop

Sawadee Khrap

Now that the new camera is in for repair, and I have some time on my hands I thought I would make some quick modifications of the photos we took of the Adam’s Apple Boys some time back.


I Just grabbed some photos and put them into new backgrounds.

Wanted to see what the final effects would be and how radical I could start to make them – I know they will need a lot more work but I thought I’d post them anyway.








The cube background was a very complicated setup that I d/l from PixelDesign and tried to use – I need to really work on this one to explore all the different ways to incorporate different images.


Hope you enjoy:    As always Please leave your comments.


Well here’s some shots with the d7

Sawadee Khrap

Just trying out the D7, great camera – boy do I have to get used to it – First Wit came by and we popped off some quick shots to test the lenses and studio flash setup. here are some examples.











I am processing the RAWs now and how to have some finished images shortly.  I did do a couple of quick Photoshop works on a shot of Boat and one of Wit – two Great models.














Mohamed’s Visit & Birthday

Sawadee Khrap

IMG_0155Well Mohamed has been in town, Fang, Mae Hong Son and will leave next to go to Sukothai and I think BKK/Pattaya before he leaves for the US.  We celebrated his birthday with dinner (Mohamed-Chai, Boat and myself – then off to see Adam’s show (UnderWear).  Some quick snaps.








Nice show – ‘UnderWear’ theme and props – Coyote dancers, Adam’s Apple Cabaret Singers, Great shot of Jackie and Jeab, and of course the Adam’s Apple Boys and their performances – Nice – of course I cannot show you shots of the boys when they are nude, and believe me they were ‘NUDE’ for the show.  Tonight dinner with Mohamed before he leaves and during the dinner I will present him with a framed copy of this photo I made for his birthday.











P.S.  Love the new camera – great shots – you will see more.