Road Rage

Sawadee Khrap

A friend in Pattaya just sent me a photo of his new tricked-out ride. and states:

My Road Rage Is Gone . . . I no longer have problems with road rage.
You may not have known I had issues with road rage.
However, since I picked up my new bike, people no longer seem to annoy me any more.
Maybe I have mellowed or maybe they have just learned to drive better.
Just wanted to let you know I’m over all of that now.

Mail Attachment

Keep up the good attitude John, the roads are much safer now.


Back in Chiang Mai

Sawadee Khrap

Just got back to Chiang Mai from a short trip to Pattaya to get my new phone.  Jerry was kind enough to get it for me and so I took a short vacation to pick it up.  Planned to stay till Friday but cut it short after I was threatened by a knife welding Cambodian money boy when I would not take him home for the evening.  Don’t need the aggravation and didn’t go down there to play with the boys in the Complex.

Times are getting rough down there and it is starting to show – Jomtien had plenty of boys but little customers.  The complex had just opened after being closed for a while to morn the King’s passing, so anyone walking the streets now is a potential target for starving MB’s.   Even the guy I rented the car from was complaining on how bad the local economy was and he didn’t see it getting any better for a long time.  Many new condominiums have been finished and no buyers – but typical to Thai habits the prices seems to be remaining the same – they don’t drop the price to make sales but just wait for times get better.  They suffered this with the Russians and now with the Chinese zero-dollar tour influx.  They’re not buying, just coming by the millions – not good for the Thai economy.

Well I got my phone – a Sony Xperia Z3  and just fired it up so have nothing to write about yet.   Just hoping it works as well as I have been told.  More later.


Back Pattaya– 1 st Operation done

Sawadee Khrap

Just got back to Chiang Mai from Bangkok and Pattaya – 1st operation at Siriraj Hospital completed – placed a stent in the right kidney artery and scheduled the operation for the left side on June 4th.   After getting on the table it was discovered that both kidney arteries were blocked and the medicine I was taking was actually making things worse.  In addition, because of the deterioration of the kidneys, the doctor decided the safest thing to do was one side at a time thereby reducing the use of the defining dye as it is not good for the kidneys either.  So we did just the right side this time.

  • Private hospital room and operation  ( 1 stent)                 
  • Air fare return trip from Chiang Mai to Bangkok
  • Longstay hotel – Pattaya  – 5 days  (included breakfast)
  • 4 – taxi trips from Pattaya Longstay hotel to Siriraj hospital 

Total cost 106,000 Baht       roughly $ 3,000

Next month I’ll have the left side done and the total cost will still be within the 250,000 Baht estimate the hospital gave me.   Remember when this all started Bangkok Hospital wanted 800,00 Baht for just one stent and 200,00 for each additional if needed.  I will also discuss with the doctor if it would be necessary to stent the artery to my left side which has resulted in different BP readings in both arms – maybe not needed – I hope so – but even if it is recommended the total cost will hover near 300,000 Baht     $8,300    3 – STENTS

I have already noticed a great improvement – As I mentioned above we did have to change the BP medicine but it has really dropped now and I feel normal again.  My right groin area is really heavily bruised right now – really black. but little or no pain – just a little sore.   The operation was painless and quick – 20 min. But I had to lay with my leg straight for 12 hours after the operation to make sure the artery was closed properly.   My back hurt more than my groin area –  All in all – great success so far and it should be a piece of cake to get the left side done in June.

Something’s fucked up with my phone and I can’t get the photos to d/l  – I’ll figure this out later and post them.


Back from Pattaya–Operation set

Sawadee Khrap

Took a trip to Pattaya with a Chiang Mai friend  – Jack  –  so I could go to the doctor in BKK  Siriraj Hospital and see about setting up the  dual stent operation. – I thought I would have at least 2-3 months waiting period but they booked it in 2 weeks  – May 7th. not even time for me to get all worked up.    Don, who lives in Pattaya, said he will go with me Saturday and Charlie will visit me in the hospital on Sunday – booked a private room in the hospital for the operation – it has a TV and sleeping room for guests.  Estimated maximum cost expected is only 300,000 Baht.  $8,500

IMG_4453we drove down in the Vitara and it performed beautifully, at IMG_4452Pattaya we booked into the “Longstay Hotel” – in the heart of  the Jomtien Beach area – very nice accommodations – 750 night and extremely convenient to everything here. 

IMG_4444HPIM1858-2We arrived on the last day of Songkran and drove into the thick of the water throwing along the Sukhumvit Hwy.   I did get to show Jack some of the local sites but he had no problem IMG_4448finding his own way and I think he is now planning one moving there – LOL.      The Gay Candy Store.     We took time to visited  Khao Chee Chan and surrounding area and very close  new attraction they are building – some kind of upside down and other cartoonish houses.

On the way back home we stopped at Sukhothai Historical Park and got some new shots of that area. We got there about 9AM and missed the tourist – great to almost have the place to ourselves to walk around.IMG_4470-PanoIMG_4463IMG_4479

Not too many photos – worried about the operation – will post after next week and see how everything is going.


Charlie sent new photo

Sawadee Khrap

Here’s a shot of his new hair style —  much longer now and from this photo a little unruly – but you can’t beat that smile – Just found out he’s won a intern position -scholarship to a local Graphic Art Company from his school for next year – and will stationed in Bangkok for it.     There were only 2 granted and he was chosen.  Congratulations and best of luck.


I think this photo was taken using his cell phone – but I apparently he also used something to doctor it up and smooth his complexion – a little bit overdone.   But still the same Charlie.


Ted’s Birthday Party

Sawadee Khrap

IMG_6090Celebrated Ted’s birthday  at The Pour House Bar last night   – Mike bought a great cake and we all had a good time – Ted didn’t want his age to be posted but if you look closely you may be able to count the candles.  We also used the occasion to say goodbye to everyone – Mike Bloss (not shown in the photos – he was the photographer) will head back to Sisaket, Don and Larry back to the US, Degs , I think to the UK, and I to Chiang Mai – all by the end of the month – Ted will be all alone until the next batch of visitors come to Pattaya.


IMG_6086Mike also sent me a picture from last weeks Bingo game at the Bondi Bar  – I won a bottle of booze.  That’s “Boy” sitting next to me, can’t miss that smile

Had a great time at both events and will definitely visit Pattaya again – only the next time just to visit NOT live there.


New model from Lao

Sawadee Khrap

Meet Dan,  he was visiting here from Lao and I was fortunate enough to get some modeling time before he left.   What do you think ?   First we went to IMG_1076-Edit

Pattaya Love Art Park  – but it was hotter than hell out there – Only stayed a few shots then back to the condo for some shots   – I think you will like these better. 

IMG_1220-EditIMG_1308-Edit IMG_1368-EditIMG_1413-Edit

From Lao come some great models, super guys and you won’t meet friendlier people. – Make sure you plan a visit to Lao on your next trip and get a local guide like Dan to show you around.


Modified version of Pat’s Charlie photo

Sawadee Khrap

Charlie - OhOh_With this expression I just had to create this image – see the original one taken at the Chinese Museum a few posts back – Charlie is coming over for Songkran and I’m hoping we will be able to go to the “Pattaya Love Art Park” about dusk and get images both daylight and evening with lights – looking forward to getting some great images there.