Some More of my Recent paintings

Sawadee Khrap

Here is some of my recent paintings from my photos  around Thailand.  These experimentations use Photoshop or DAP (Dynamic Auto Painter) to achieve some special or painterly effects.




I tried several different techniques or combinations of programs to get the final results – subjects are from my photos around Chiang Mai  – Painting #3 is a combination of several photos but the house on stilts comes from a recent trip to Sattahip here in Pattaya.

As always – COMMENTS are appreciated.   Here are my original photos that I used:





Sawadee Khrap

A little different version – painting and photograph combined.

1500m Final Finish -Edit-2

I think I needed to adjust the background photo to be just a little smaller to add to the perspective and then increase the shadow cast by the painting, still looks floating. – Any suggestions.   This is my first attempt at this kind of illusion and as you can see I have a lot to learn. But at least the main idea shows through.   Thanks Pat for a great image to play with.



Sawadee Khrap

Pat from Ireland sent me a couple of his images for me to try CS6 painting effects on.  Here are the originals:1500m Final Finish_

Colin Costello_

and here are the paintings from them.  I tried to show action and emotion and to emphasize the main subjects.  I tried several effects from the new “Oil Painting” to sketching layers and  the new mixing brushes.  Comments appreciated:

1500m Final Finish -Edit-Edit

Colin Costello -paint

What do you think – I am getting better  Pat is going to try and have them printed in a local Running Magazine – and send me a copy, that would be nice.  I’ll tell ya, Photography and Photoshop make a great hobby and one that I can bring to any event and have fun.


CS6 Oil Painting filter

Sawadee Khrap

Say hello to “Top”   and if you are in Sunee, look him up.


This image is a combination of CS6 “Oil painting” filter and Bert Monroy’s technique.   I like the combination of the two effects.  I really like the brush effects from the oil paint filter – now to explore different settings – I think using varying brush sizes in different areas for greater emphasis using layers and masks would do the trick. 


Painter 12 – Great Program

Sawadee Khrap

Just started to try my hand at painting again – What a great program Corel Painter 12 – The Leading Digital Art Software.


Try it out  – I am sure you will find it is well worth the money – It will open new artistic doors you had only imagined.  Try it first but I am sure you will buy it as I did.

So I tried my hand at a Chalk painting (Drawing) of a photo taken of a old friend of mine in San Francisco. By old I mean several years ago when I lived there – Roughly done and with a single square chalk brush it has started me back to checking out some of my older photos to see which would be a good candidate to turn into a painting.


I am just starting to experiment with its impressive array of brushes, paper textures, paints, oils, watercolors and more and will start producing better projects in the future to show.   Although it’s very crude I hope you enjoy.


My First Painting – “Dreaming”

Sawadee Khrap


Here’s my first painting


Using Painter 11


Please tell me what you think – comments needed


I am just starting my paintings, getting to know Corel Painter 11 and PhotoShop processing.  I think this is the medium I want to work in.  PhotoShop allows me to develop my themes and then I can use Painter to bring them to life.  What a great combination – total control – NOW I just have to learn how to perfect it.

I could really use some inspiration and ideas of subjects to paint.  I hope my studio will help me in this area too.  If you see something interesting,  please send me a copy to study, I would love to see what you find exciting and then use it to learn how to produce different effects or moods.  I really look forward to hearing from you.