LGBT population in Thailand

Sawadee Khrap

MissTiffany 2011


Here’s a good article on Pattaya’s Miss Tiffany Contest and the 2011 winner from Chiang Mai.  And it brings up a good question.

“with around 500,000 transgenders – know locally as ladyboys or katoeys – Thailand has one of the highest rates of transsexualism per head in the world.  Though researchers have failed to explain just why there are so many ladyboys in Thailand – ancient Thai mythology talks of a woman bearing three children – a male, a female, and a third sex.”

Having lived here for a while and observing the culture, I believe I can explain why – Thailand has no retirement support such as Social Security like we have in the States – parents rely on the support by their children – Thai children are taught both culturally and spiritually that they owe their parents support in their old age and every Thai, boy or girl, tries in every way to fulfill that obligation.  Even if the family has money – they will still send support (some being banked for their later use) home from their working pay.

This also means most LGBT’s will eventually marry and raise a family – security for their old age retirement support – they don’t keep the group separation as they do in other cultures.  In San Francisco it would be unheard of for a old Queen to marry and raise kids just for retirement – but very common here.

So to the point – I believe it is now accepted that being gay, lesbian,or transgendered is genetic,  so if the LGBT population is marrying and producing offspring, that would naturally increase the potential for a greater rate of diversity,  and this is very apparent here in Thailand.

I believe this is a good example that genetic differences are at the core of diversity in lifestyles –  That’s my take on it —-    What do you think?


Pattaya and Back

Sawadee Khrap

Last week in the heavy downpour, while taking a monk home from Monk Chat I backed into a tree and really fucked up my back bumper on the car – had to take it into the body shop to fix this and all the other dents  – a week  – what will I ever do ??????

“Pattaya for a week”  or a least 4 days – no photos, went down to visit Jerry and just relax on the beach and catch some shows – nice, nice, nice holiday.  venue

Went to the “Venue”, a great ‘Broadway’ type show.  

Can you imagine a 2 hour show that cost just 100 Baht a drink – that’s about $3 – and extremely PROFESSIONAL – and they don’t bug you about the drinks.

And of course we had to check out Sunee Plaza – some great shows there – sexy young men, and I mean “SEXY”.  I really liked the chuckwow show at “Good Boys” – definitely plan on coming back.

Back in town, I meet a wonderful young man, had dinner a couple of times and took in some shows.  His birthday is next month and he is planning on coming to Chiang Mai, for his birthday so I can show him around my town and local area – really looking forward to that.

Spent most of the time at the beach, just laying in the shade – sipping coconut juice from the shell and watching the boys go by.  Didn’t have to go far as most of them come by to say hello and see if you would like to help them out – times are bleak – very little tourist – but still it’s a great feeling just to have a 18-20 y/o young man stop by to chat and find you attractive (or maybe it’s your wallet, he,he – at my age, does it really make a difference?) – in any event this is what retirement should really be – Don’t you agree.   Thanks Jerry for showing me around –

Now all I have to do is move there and take full retirement – ha-ha


Getting Old

Sawadee Khrap

Thanks Jerry for this tidbit on life – been there yet ???

Ed came home drunk one night, slid into bed beside his sleeping wife, and fell into a deep slumber.   He awoke before the Pearly Gates, where St. Peter said, ‘You died in your sleep, Ed.’   Ed was stunned. ‘I’m dead? No, I can’t be! I’ve got too much to live for. Send me back!’   St. Peter said, ‘I’m sorry, but there’s only one way you can go back, and that is as a chicken.’  Ed was devastated, but begged St. Peter to send him to a farm near his home.
The next thing he knew, he was covered with feathers, clucking and pecking the ground.  A rooster strolled past. ‘So, you’re the new hen, huh? How’s your first day here?’   ‘Not bad,’ replied Ed the hen, ‘but I have this strange feeling inside. Like I’m gonna explode!’   ‘You’re ovulating,’ explained the rooster. ‘Don’t tell me you’ve never laid an egg before?’  ‘Never,’ said Ed. ‘Well, just relax and let it happen,’ says the rooster. ‘It’s no big deal.’  He did, and a few uncomfortable seconds later, out popped an egg!  He was overcome with emotion as he experienced motherhood. He soon laid another egg — his joy was overwhelming. As he was about to lay his third egg, he felt a smack on the back of his head, and heard…..

"Ed, wake up! You shit the bed!"      Getting OLD just ain’t what they said it would be!


Flooding in Chiang Mai

Sawadee Khrap

Spent almost 3.5 hours yesterday getting my Visa renewed – 20 min for the actual renewal, but 3 hrs. waiting in line – I got there late and was number 12 in line.  Oh well, only once a year.

CM-floodOn my way down to the Immigration Center I took the Super Highway and it was starting to flood about Chiang Mai Land area. I made it through but I would imagine that within a couple of hours it was totally blocked and flooded.  I planned on going out later in the day and take some photos but was just too tired and stayed home watching TV – thankfully, Peter and his team got some shots of the flooding and a nice review.  Check it out


Chiang Mai Nostalgia

Sawadee Khrap

Just a post to mention the great job of presenting Chiang Mai Gay nostalgia that K. Note, Peter and the boys at Radchada Café are doing on their website.  Radchada3Going back prior to 2006, they are compiling a terrific review of the happenings and venues.

Ohhhh, how they are missed. Damn right quiet around here now. 

I fondly remember many of the bars and places mentioned, I arrived here in late 2005 and started this blog in April 2006 – Check out some of the earlier posts here and keep checking in to Radchada to see ‘Whatever Happened to ……’.     I am going to go through my old photos and sent them to Peter, maybe he can use them in his articles.


Happy Birthday–Nixon

Sawadee Khrap

I’ve lost all contact with a old friend “Nixon”  and I hope he still checks my blog from time to time.   If so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

I met Nixon about 10 years ago- at that time he was living in the SF. ghetto and was just a snotty, arrogant little shit.  But he had something that made him stand out and talking to him you would realize that he was really not that way.  I had the pleasure of watching him grow and become a solid citizen over the 5 years I was living in San Francisco and we did keep touch for the first couple of years I was in Thailand. But for the past couple of years, no word and the email addresses I have are not valid any more.

The last I heard from him was when he was in the Navy at San Diego, I think he was stationed there – Nurses’ Instructor, I believe. Far cry since I first met him.  All this he did by himself for himself, jobs,  school and maybe now a family or more likely a partner.

Hi Nixon, I hope you read this and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, love to hear from you again and better yet – visit Chiang Mai.


Khun Churn Vegetarian–Chiang Mai

Sawadee Khrap

Just a follow up on my new diet – I have never felt better and getting better each day – as I said earlier amazing.

Every day for lunch I have been going to Khun Churn Vegetarian Restaurant.KhunChurnKhunChurn-2 There I met Khun Tum, Manager of the location, but didn’t realize till now that they were so big, 4 sites – Chiang Mai and BKK.  The CM site is at Soi 11, off Nimmanhaemin Road -  The photo above is the Owner, but I haven’t met him yet.  Wonderful food and extremely great prices. Check out some reviews.


Did they name them correctly ??

The English language has some wonderfully anthropomorphic collective nouns for the various groups of animals.
We are all familiar with a

  • Herd of cows and a  Flock of chickens,
  • School of fish  and a Gaggle of geese.

However, less widely known is a

  • Pride of lions  and a Exaltation of doves
  • Murder of crows (as well as their cousins the rooks and ravens)
  • Parliament of owls – presumably because they look so wise.

Now consider a group of Baboons. They are the

  • loudest, most dangerous
  • most obnoxious, most viciously aggressive
  • and least intelligent of all primates.

And what is the proper collective noun for a group of baboons?

Believe it or not ……. a Congress!

with a little kiss assBaboonKissAss
I guess that pretty much explains the things that come out of Washington!  Thus end’eth your English lesson for today.


My New Diet– I wouldn’t believed it

Sawadee Khrap

Well it’s been 2 weeks since starting my new vegetarian diet – feel great, no acid reflux, no heartburn, most of all the pain I have been having in my legs and back has gone away – and a very clear head and overall great general feeling.   Amazing !!!!

3 weeks ago, I was having a bad reaction to the acid reflux drugs I have been taking for almost the past 4 or so years, also costing me over 2000 Baht a month for this crap.  That shit really began to give me problems and caused me to start having vertigo and other loss of control like my blood pressure would just drop, and worse of all – my dick dropped to the ground – so I stopped taking all of it – Miracid and any other versions of the same shit.  All drugs.  I still had acid reflux but it felt the same as when I get a bacterial infection from drinking bad water – so I thought I try Disento to see if it was just an infection – it worked.  I did.

Disento did the trick – I am also getting weekly massages from Pea and he is excellent – I am sure that the massage and diet have brought me to this wonderful stage.  No reflux, heartburn, everything returning to normal, everything is picking up so to say.

My diet now is that I eat nothing that has a ‘Mother’ – Beef, Pork, Chicken, Lamb, Seafood, Fish, etc..   Also cut down on oils, except olive oil that I use to make my stir fried rice with vegetables. Stopped anything cooked with palm oil, cheap and a favorite here in Thailand – Just vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains – but I do include some boiled eggs in my rice for flavor – but small amount.  And for 2 weeks – free of any problem. 

I think I got most of the bacterial from the water they use to make hot tea – tap in most cases because I think that they figure when they boil it is will be OK – not the case – So now I request ONLY bottled water be used and no problems.   I’m going to monitor another 2 –3 weeks and post my results.


Big Brother coming more alive – Skype

Sawadee Khrap

Is Big Brother flexing his arms ????    –  Since Skype was bought by Microsoft, it has made it impossible to shut off automatic upgrades – NOW, in the latest upgrade, it is configured so that you cannot shut it down after it is loaded  – just being able to minimize it to the taskbar.  (but you can go to the Task Manager and shut it down there).      What kind of shit is this.

I am also allowing Microsoft to automatically upgrade my Win 7 – now the question arises as to exactly what they are up-dating?????  It used to be bad in the past as to how they wanted to control data over the Internet but now it is becoming very apparent that they intend to really control and load what ever they want on your computer  – WHEN THEY WANT TO.

I believe I will need to shut off all automatic upgrading to make sure that programs and email addresses and such are not sent to “The Big Boy”.  That may mean changing to another phone program -  at least for the time being I am not going to load Skype until I need to make a call.

disento – never travel alone

Sawadee Khrap

Here’s the best advice I could give anyone coming (or living here for that matter) to visit Thailand or any Asian Country.


Always, always carry “Disento” with you.

Very inexpensive and effective.  Eat, drink something and feel that churning, gas  and other problems starting in your stomach – grab your Disento – gone!!!!

Amazing stuff.

Wish I had this stuff years ago when I visited Mexico – Montezuma’s Revenge would have been a thing of the past – get some and try it the next time you travel or have a drink with local ice.