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Thanks Fellas for the nice comments and links to my Blog – I really appreciate it.   I don’t know of better places to see what’s going on in Chiang Mai, Pattaya, BKK and Phuket then the listings and commentary on gay happenings  that these two sites follow around the area.  Keep up the good work – lot of territory to cover.


Chiang Mai Nostalgia

Sawadee Khrap

Just a post to mention the great job of presenting Chiang Mai Gay nostalgia that K. Note, Peter and the boys at Radchada Café are doing on their website.  Radchada3Going back prior to 2006, they are compiling a terrific review of the happenings and venues.

Ohhhh, how they are missed. Damn right quiet around here now. 

I fondly remember many of the bars and places mentioned, I arrived here in late 2005 and started this blog in April 2006 – Check out some of the earlier posts here and keep checking in to Radchada to see ‘Whatever Happened to ……’.     I am going to go through my old photos and sent them to Peter, maybe he can use them in his articles.


CMCC Meeting – Laos Children’s Workshop

Sawadee Khrap

Our Tue Chiang Mai Camera Club meeting went ok with the usual lack of supplies. ha ha   No Projector, No Computer – and a rain storm – BUT still we had a great meeting.  Bert, Jim and Steve (who brought a friend, I’ll talk about him in a minute) and me, of course. 

CMPGGot to talk about a lot of different photographic topics and also found out about the latest news on the CMPG’s happenings.  They have or are going to start up workshops for  Photoshop and Lightroom, and have a instructor ready – nice.  I think they are waiting for renovations to the old Tusker’s site and will continue there. Chiang Mai Photographic Group would be the place to go.  They have all the equipment and space and attendance to offer you what you want.  I am very glad to hear that the ‘management’ has stepped up to the latest software and plans to offer workshops in the future – bravo, finally grew up.  Highly recommend you check them out.

Sooooooo ….  I recommended to our group that we change our venue to a social group of expats (informal – not to compete with the CM Expats Club or CMPG ) who still want to discuss their photography and other ideas and continue to meet a Sangdee on every other Tue.  I’ll let you know what was decided when we have our next meeting.

Now back to Steve’s friend – Philip Ward and his project “The Laos Children’s Workshop’”. LaosChildrensWorkshop He told us all about his accomplishments and problems starting and developing the center.  Fascinating – He’s here trying to find equipment and resources that they are in desperate need of.  Computers, Tools, Cameras, Software, and of course money —  etc.  I’m going to help him out with tutorial software collection I have -  Check out their website and maybe you can help too – Please contact Philip  – see if you can help in any way  —-   these kids really need your help.  Help these kids develop a skill that can support them when they leave the orphanage.  Life is unimaginable in Lao when you have no education or a saleable skill but they are also considered outcast tribal boys – bleak !!!    HELP GIVE THEM A FIGHTING CHANCE.


DreamHost Superior

Sawadee Khrap

DreamhostIf anyone is looking for a Internet Hosting Co.  (ISP)   then I can only recommend DreamHost.   I have been with them for over 4 years with this blog and can only report EXCELLENT service, support, and stability.  Did I mention SUPPORT – it has been nothing less than superior – they have helped me and solved every problem I have encountered running the blog and each time within 24 hours – AMAZING.

If your planning on a web-site check them out – you can’t go wrong.


Do you need water purifier ?

Sawadee Khrap

Susie card-espringAmazing, I was at the shopping center today having lunch and asked the waitress if she knew if the Chiang Mai Water District Office on the Super Highway was open today on Sunday.  She didn’t know but what a coincidence, sitting next to me at the next table was a couple of gals who were just opening their new business in Chiang Mai for water purifiers.

They went out of their way to find out for me – GREAT SERVICE – if this is indicative of the service their company will offer – I want to shop there.  Their just starting out and need your support – you can contact them at

{  }  Right now the web page is still under construction so to view their products you can go to the mother espringcompany’s web-site . 

Best of Luck – Susie and Jutamas



Need new glasses – come to Chiang Mai

Sawadee Khrap

I just purchased the best pair of glasses I have ever worn.

Best service, and price.  9,000 Baht or $300 US    Service included electronic eye focal examination with personal testing using  replacement lenses.  The glasses are made with designer magnesium frames, UV protection, transitional (Grey), light weight – scratch resistant plastic. – Wow Great.  

TopCharoenOptical-CMKhun Ocha (left) and Khun Pong in their “Top Charoen Optical” store on the CharyaPhum Rd (outer moat – Thapae Gate side) , right next to “Northwest Wheels”  is the place to go.  Tel: +66 053 252 393

It’s worth a trip to Chiang Mai.  You can almost fly here – have a weeks vacation – fly back,  for the same price you’d pay for new glasses in the States.  Pick up some clothes (Designer), new luggage and meet some of the lovely young men here at the same time.

Hope you come to visit.


Ben’s Taxi Service

Sawadee Khrap

I was just checking my blog and noticed that I did not have a link to Ben’s Taxi Service.  

BensTaxiSorry Ben – fixed it now.

The last couple of times Mohamed visited me from the States he partook of Ben’s services in planning and taking his tours and told me he was extremely happy and will always use Ben’s again. 

Check out his web page for all particulars.


KORO–wow Learn something new every day

Sawadee Khrap

On my facebook is a comment about KORO – dammed if I had heard about it – but apparently the Chinese knew about it around  300 BC and wrote about it.

Singapore had a 1967 outbreak of the disease or actually mental condition.  It was reported in the Singapore Medical Journal and stemmed from rumors that pork, poisoned from a swine fever inoculation, was causing genital shrinkage and panic spread through the hospitals.

GENITAL SHINKAGE – wow – better check yours – I am going to measure mine this morning so I have a point of reference and then daily checks to catch it before too much is lost.

Anyway, be careful – Hu Li Jung, the Chinese genital thieving fox spirit, has been sighting in Guangdong region of China – almost at my back door.


SFO–remove prince albert before you fly

Sawadee Khrap

Just saw this article and had to post it – Really feel sorry for Percy – BUT it’s a good warning for others.




Click image for full story

If the metal detectors get you then for sure the TSA Agents will lend a hand – BE CAREFULL    or just relax and enjoy.  up to you

PS – And make sure you check out the following up-date article at… patdown