KORO–wow Learn something new every day

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On my facebook is a comment about KORO – dammed if I had heard about it – but apparently the Chinese knew about it around  300 BC and wrote about it.

Singapore had a 1967 outbreak of the disease or actually mental condition.  It was reported in the Singapore Medical Journal and stemmed from rumors that pork, poisoned from a swine fever inoculation, was causing genital shrinkage and panic spread through the hospitals.

GENITAL SHINKAGE – wow – better check yours – I am going to measure mine this morning so I have a point of reference and then daily checks to catch it before too much is lost.

Anyway, be careful – Hu Li Jung, the Chinese genital thieving fox spirit, has been sighting in Guangdong region of China – almost at my back door.


SFO–remove prince albert before you fly

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Just saw this article and had to post it – Really feel sorry for Percy – BUT it’s a good warning for others.




Click image for full story

If the metal detectors get you then for sure the TSA Agents will lend a hand – BE CAREFULL    or just relax and enjoy.  up to you

PS – And make sure you check out the following up-date article at www.snopes.com… patdown



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Here’s a great tool from GayRomeo – get your copy and end all confusion – measure it, tell it like it is and amaze your friends – or maybe not  !!!   And for that matter *** join ***  GayRomeo – meet friends around the world.


Medical Services in Chiang Mai

Sawadee Khrap

Nu was just at McCormick Hospital for his motorcycle accident and I have used Chiang Mai Ram 1 several times,  Here is a great list of Services for Chiang Mai.  but from what I am told by the locals is that: 

Maharaj Hospital  (Suan Dok Hospital)

should be the first place to go. 

Many Expats have told me of the great service they have received at Maharaj and that they also have the best pricing available. 

For example, my friend, Toivo and his partner Thip say;

 “I have (unfortunately) had a lot of experience with them, and have to say that the service has been top notch.  Thip’s stay last week with two Doc exams, two injections, hourly BP checks and a Private room with AC, Fridge, Bathroom, and guest beds was under a 100 bucks USA.  Amazing……  OH, and that included breakfast and lunch for the both of us. 

If you go to the 13th floor of the building with the emergency entrance  (The one nearest Suthep Road) at Maharaj Hospital, you end up in the Special Medical Services Center where lots of people speak English.   For a tour or an appointment, contact Kuhn Kessini at:


phone:  081-681-1616 after 9 AM.”



Here’s some links to a little history of the hospital – and an Expats discussion group on the subject.  And a map  (also shows other Chiang Mai University sites).

I will set an appointment after Songkran to take a tour and set this as the primary hospital we use.


(Ya, that’s right – Songkran will be this 13,14,15th Thai New Year – Sawadee Pee Mai  and the famous “water festival”.  I’ll be at Central Shopping Center to capture the action  – stay tuned for more photos.)




50 Free Temporary, Disposable and Forwarding Email Services

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Check out this article on MalwareHelp.org

“Every time you give out your email address on the web, you risk getting your email address abused by spammers. Instead of giving out your private email address, give out a temporary Disposable email address (DEA) which receives the messages and forwards to your private email address or displays it on the providers Website. The spammers will never find out your private email address.”



Doi Saket-Chiang Mai Ladyboy Contest

Sawadee Khrap

Contest-Ladyboy1Here is a great link to the photos of the winners of the “Doi Saket – Chaing Mai Ladyboy Contest”  held April 3rd 2009.

If your interested in LadyBoy Contests then the above link is a great site to follow – too bad it’s only in Thai – but then again we are only looking at the pictures  .


We didn’t get a chance to go but we did attend the latest contest April 5th at Chiang Mai and I will post some shots of the girls there soon.  Also took some video so maybe I can put up a simple video too.

 P.S.  I will have to buy some ear plugs because as usual in Thailand the music was so loud it could be heard for at least 5 blocks – next to the stage you could feel the vibrations in the air – my ears are still ringing.