Opening of Lanna Lavendar Hotel

Sawadee Khrap

Went to the Grand Opening of the new Lanna Lavendar Hotel on Oct 5th – WOW – GREAT – Great Music, Food, and Boys, Boys, Boys —– Brian and Pong were there too and Brian got these photos – I didn’t take a camera – still not in the mood.  Enjoy.
































Pattaya – Massage, massage, massage

Sawadee Khrap

And now to the best part of the trip – massage – I spent most of my time every day relaxing on the beach, then enjoying a great massage. 







First:  At Rainbow Beach   (Dongtan Beach in the Jontiem Beach Area) we meet “Aud”  (standing above, his phone +66–840056238) manager and his great massage team.  Both John and myself had an ‘on the beach’ massage, but I really didn’t like the wind and sand while getting a massage so I retired to our hotel for a 2 hr oil massage from “Kid”.    Actually several days while we were there.      Heaven !!!!!!

_-34_-33 And what a great massage – the best I have ever had, 500 Baht + tip.  WOW – WOW – WOW

I asked Kid to move to Chiang Mai and promised to have a weekly massage but that wasn’t enough to make him move – even if I paid 1000 Baht each – he is really booked at the beach and you will need reservations to get in line.   Call first.


John said he also got a great massage from “Tan”  – not from the beach but from a shop near Boyztown – I meet Tan one evening while we were having dinner and he gave me these photos to post – nice shots –



Thanks Tan

Next time I would love to have Tan model for me – what a build.





I also stopped by a small Club/bar near our Hotel – and meet “Por”.  The Club has a massage area in the back of the bar and again I got a great massage.  I did get a couple of shots of Por after the massage – sorry I don’t have his phone number or the name of the Club –


Thanks Por

(Por – if you read this and want me to add your phone – drop me a email and I will add it to the post so others can contact you when they come town.)


Walking around the beaches, hitting the night spots and clubs, watching the boys on stage are all nice exercises but a great massage is what I live for. – how about you ?



Pattaya – Le Cafe Royale

Sawadee Khrap

CafeRoyaleTitleLets start off with a great deal from Thomas Kalb, manager of Le Cafe Royale Hotel, Restaurant – Piano Bar in BoyzTown, Pattaya.  He has offered to give a discount to anyone booking in the Hotel if they mention AsianCoOp in a email to him before booking.  What a nice gesture. 

_-20They are the second venue on your left when you enter BoyzTown – John and I had dinner here 4 nights in a row the food was so good, Cottage Pie and Pork Chops were my favorites.  I also stayed for the music and really recommend that you do not miss DK and Richard ( El Duo ).  These guys were great.








From here I went next door to “Toy Boys Night Club” to see the show – and was also not disappointed.  Wow – great young men, over 20 when I was there – and what eye candy.   Manager “Puk” was very attentive to our needs and he did ask the boys if I could take a picture to put in the blog – Sorry, many of the boys were still going to college and didn’t want their pictures on the web_-23 –  You just have to go there and see for yourself.

But while having dinner I did get a shot of some of the boys on the stage across the street at “Funny Boys” – another great venue – so many great looking boys  –  I hope you can make them out.

While at dinner we did meet two great guys  Rak and Bier  and they joined us in the street chairs watching the action and talking about Pattaya.  Here are their photos. Aren’t they cute.







People are so friendly in BoyzTown – stop by for a drink, dinner or a show – meet someone to talk to have a great time – AND mention our name and get a discount at the Hotel – Thanks again Thomas.



Some models

Sawadee Khrap

Here is a couple of examples of photos I have done for the guys here.  I have the studiio working now and have a few more boys ready to model.  I’m working hard to develop shots that really show the beauty of the Asian male body.   Not sure yet, how the site is going to be setup, I think just a gallery theme would be nice – (suggestions !!!)     ._-3_-9_-11

















Please don’t ask for the models names or addresses – I will have each linked to a email address at the web-site where you can send a message to them. 

So for now, I hope you enjoy some examples of some of the shots and composits I have done so far – Paintings will follow, I’m working on them now.  Comments and requests are always appreciated.



Studio working

Sawadee Khrap

Well I finally have the studio in a somewhat working order – most of the upgrade is in and I am now going to need to calibrate the lighting and determine the best backgrounds to use.  I have several models lines up – I hope they will allow me to post their shots (I will start up www.gThaiStudio web-site for the more revealing shots– I’ll keep you posted).


Here are a couple of shots I made of Gabby – I posted Gabby’s web-site in a earlier post and we will be doing more in the future before he goes back to Ghana.  I am also interested in seeing how he has used Photoshop and Lightroom to enhance his photos  – perhaps he will allow me to post some of his creations too.











Thanks Gabby



After the Red Shirts

Sawadee Khrap

Brian and Pong sent me some shots of Songkran from Pattaya after the so-called riots.  Enjoy.  That’s Pong in the green T-shirt.

















We’re still

SMILING  in the Land of Smiles  sooooooooooo plan your boy-filled get-a-way.



Chiang Mai – Miss LadyBoy Apr 5

Sawadee Khrap



Here’s the winner of the contest we went to on Sunday night.  Nu is working on a video DVD of the evening, at least the part we recorded, but I am not sure if we can make a flash version to show on the blog.

Nu has started to prepare himself to began entering the local school contests this coming semester.  He went to the doctor for help and is well on the way to becoming Miss Tiffany.

We will keep all posted on his progress and transformation.  We hope to be attending many future contest as he develops his stage presence and I will definitely try to get as many shots of all the contestants and for sure photos of all the cute boys and girls in the audience.  Stay tuned.



Addendum to Brass Monkey



Here’s a photo I saw on the Internet – and it reminded me about the story Jerry sent me about the “Brass Monkey” I posted last month.

I bet this guy would have a rough time in that cold weather.

I’d like to find out who took this photo – I bet he has a lot more great shots.  But there is no data included with the JPG I have – If anyone has the original photo or knows who the photographer is please let me know.

In any event – I think it’s cute

HANG IN THERE – as they say




What Can I Do With A Male Nude ?

Sawadee Khrap

I just started in earnest looking for data to help me prepare my photo studio and get some ideas for interesting shots.  I have to admit that art does not come naturally to me, at least how to make a “Wow” artistic work.  Taking a photo is one thing – making a great photo artistic is something else – at least for me.

I was going through the videos on YouTube and ran across this one, at least this one really caught my eye and I wanted to post it for you to see too.


I am starting to set up my studio and hope to have some shots to show, maybe next month – it will be longer before I open the studio web-site – I hope you will stay tuned to see.   Anyway I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do.

I know I did.