The Gospel according to Frank

Sawadee Khrap

I have finally finished my first draft of “The Gospel (Good News) According to Frank”.  Click on the link to read.

This is my experience, strength and hope and the spiritual theology I believe is true and my path.  I have only included the first 2 Chapters in this release and hope to complete the final chapters in due time.

The unfinished chapters are the supporting data and go into much more detail on each subject.  These are listed in the index although not included here.   As always I would appreciate your comments.

Update on health–”Nightshades”

Sawadee Khrap

I mentioned when I got back from the Burma trip that I felt a lot better. Fox TV aired a clip about a lady who teaches Ayurvedic medicine and she made a statement that eating “Nightshades” can cause an allergic reaction in some people causing joint pain.    (i.e.   egg plant, bell peppers, potatoes, tomatoes) 

So for the past 2 weeks I have eliminated all of them from my diet , and gone to just rice and vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, onion, and carrots) and at every other meal a small portion of chicken.  Almost all the joint pain has gone or going away – amazing.    Knee joints, what I thought was ligament stiffing and pain, are all subsiding.  I wake up in the morning having had a better sleep and more energy.   Amazing, I would never have guessed it and I am sure “modern” medicine would never had suggested either.  When I mentioned my pain to the doctors they just shrugged it off to poor exercise and old age.  The only thing I’ve done is eliminate them from my diet – and for sure have not exercised more.

I’ll post my progress,  but I thought it best to get out there a.s.a.p. as many others may be suffering and not even have the slightest idea why –  its worth a try if you do have joint pain.


Benefits of the Burma Trip

Sawadee Khrap

Back almost a week from my trip to Burma and I am realizing some beneficial side effects.

  1. The extremely bumpy roads on the trip – the constant rocking back and forth, which I thought would hurt my lower back – in fact actually helped it – like getting a great massage – when I got back i had little or no lower back pain and it did not start coming back until several days later.   So I am trying to make sure I do not sit for long periods of time and always do some movement and stretching.
  2. Before I went on the trip I was experiencing constant joint pain  especially in my knees. But on the trip, because almost all the dishes served for lunch and dinner were spicy, I opted only for rice and mixed vegetables – which was mostly cauliflower.    When I got back I noticed almost all joint pain was gone.    At home I was eating a lot of potatoes, tomato, egg plant and bell peppers – NIGHTSHADES – and some researching of the Internet showed studies that indicated nightshades can product allergic reactions in many people similar to arthritis. – which is apparently my case – after the trip I had no joint pain but after coming back and going on my normal diet  – the aching joints came back.  Now I will stop eating nightshades and see if the joint pain goes away again.     I had thought it was from mostly old age.
  3. And thirdly, since I began taking a daily dose of Cialis for prostate, blood pressure and ED control, I have had relativity strong edema in my feet, very noticeable and commented on by several of my friends.   So,  since I didn’t imagine that this trip would produce any amorous situations, I stopped taking the Cialis.  Sure enough almost all the swelling in my feet subsided.  For obvious purposes I don’t want to eliminate the Cialis from my daily meds now that I’m back – unless I can find a substitute that is – a natural method if possible.  I am still working on that, but for the near future I will just put up with the slight edema so I can gain all the other benefits. LoL.  At least now I am sure what’s causing my edema.

The trip also has re-ignited my travel interest and so I am planning a future trip to Laung Prabang, Laos – hopefully next month, maybe for Songkran.   They celebrate it there and I understand it is a wonderful experience, similar but not the same as Thailand.   I am now checking Planet Romeo for possibility of contacting new friends in Luang Prabang, who could serve as my guide and companion for a visit there.  Having someone who is familiar with the area would be quite a blessing.

One can only speculate what benefits another trip might reveal.


Burma Trip–Mong Yawng

Sawadee Khrap

On the second day we left Keng Tung and headed back to Mong Hpayak IMG_3700where the monks could get their lunch.  The tiny market there had all kinds of bugs for sale , but I opted just for some fried rice and cauliflower and then we went on to Mong Yawng where we would spend the next 2 nights.  This would be the most rugged part of out trip – and I mean rugged.  From Hpayak to Mong Yawng is 80 KM of which 1/3 was just single wide crushed rock roads – the rest was under some kind of construction.  Not too far up the road we lost the right IMG_3724mirror on our van  – hit by a passing truck on the narrow road it ripped off the mirror but did not damage the side of the van.   The dust and bumps were amazing – we had to cross over a mountain range where we came to a full stop because they were widening the road by cutting the hillside away –  but we did get through and ultimately got to IMG_3743our newly opened  “Nant Khat Guest House” in Mong Yawng.  Sparse but adequate.   The next morning, 5AM, we all headed to the local area market – still dark, but it was a full moon which was the biggest market day of the month – there must have been over 300 people there – go early get the best deals – all vendors were gone and the market was closed by 7:30.

 IMG_3926Next we headed to a temple high on a hill overlooking the valley, here as with all the temples we visited,  they did the usual blessing and chanting.   Back to town for lunch and then on to a temple which had a original India Bodhi Tree under which Buddha achieved enlightenment.  From here we headed to a “forest” temple and a dedication and then back that evening to deliver a full IMG_3779set of “Buddha Bibles” to the local Mong Yawng Temple.   All the roads we were on this day were just dirt and extremely bumpy making travel speed about 5-10 KM/hr.  Quite a day.   The next morning up again at 5AM for market – Here the lady offered IMG_3798to sell me some “Shwe le maw” very strong Shan alcohol.  then breakfast and on the road back.  Got hung-up once in a new rock road area – the roller crusher hadn’t gotten there yet – but we made it through that area and on to the the major construction site where we IMG_4250were stopped coming in.  It was passable but slow and then on to Hpayak for lunch.   Here is where we spotted the deer heads, I had never seen any wild animals in all my travels in Thailand so this was a great surprise – we did pass several Burmese with homemade long barrel rifles  but with my slow camera I couldn’t get a shot.  Next time.    Time to go home now. And I did get my passport back at the border crossing, all stamped and ready to go.

All in all great trip – meat is scarce and expensive so most Burmese meals are rice,fish and vegetables.  I am amazed that although I ate very little each time, how much better I felt when I got back, tired but much more energy – in addition, all the rough roads and bouncing around actually massaged my back and all my back pain was gone. I was also worried about having to use the squat toilets but at all our major stops there were western sit toilets so that worked out ok too.   Great group of people on the trip, although most spoke very limited English and I limited Thai, we did manage to communicate and actually they took special pains to see I was ok.  I am looking forward to the next trip and will bring my high speed camera and opt for a front seat in a van so I can get more specific images.