Photoshop versions

Sawadee Khrap

I though these looked pretty sharp – what do you think?

Shrink WrapWoodCut Version











Shrink Wrapped  ————   Wood Cut   Versions.

Amazing what Photoshop can do – these are standard filters – the possibilities are endless.   I am just starting to play around again and really liked these effects.




Sawadee Khrap




Thanks for the comment on my painting Gabby, I really appreciate it.  Ya, lets get together and take some shots – maybe I can do a painting for you too.  Call me again and we’ll set a time  – (when it cools down that is – I don’t have A/C in the studio yet).

And for everyone to follow your modeling career, check out Gabby’s Web-Page.

I’m sure we are going to see more and more of Gabby in the future.




My First Painting – “Dreaming”

Sawadee Khrap


Here’s my first painting


Using Painter 11


Please tell me what you think – comments needed


I am just starting my paintings, getting to know Corel Painter 11 and PhotoShop processing.  I think this is the medium I want to work in.  PhotoShop allows me to develop my themes and then I can use Painter to bring them to life.  What a great combination – total control – NOW I just have to learn how to perfect it.

I could really use some inspiration and ideas of subjects to paint.  I hope my studio will help me in this area too.  If you see something interesting,  please send me a copy to study, I would love to see what you find exciting and then use it to learn how to produce different effects or moods.  I really look forward to hearing from you. 




Painting a Portrait

Sawadee Khrap

Image008Mark Gerard  just sent me this terrific article on the actual thought process that  created this portrait.  He sent it to me as a Word document and I converted it to a web-page to post here.

 —— Painting a Portrait ——

I think I’m going to try some painting too – but not with actual paints but digitally.  Adobe Photoshop has brushes and is capable of producing images that appear like copies of paintings – coupled with special printing paper, very realistic paintings are possible. 

Now, with my studio close to completion and several boys already willing to pose, I should have enough material to start painting – errr, (Is painting the proper word to use, or should I say processing?)

CorelPainterBut the “real” painting program is Corel Painter.  This program is “the cat’s meow”. 

Corel says “ultimate digital art studio for anyone ready to expand their definition of creativity. Working with the most advanced digital painting and natural media tools available, you can create the art you’ve always envisioned”.

I had an older version and found it had a very steep learning curve – probably because I have no painting talent.  But now, as I am slower and have the time to learn – not to mention the great material I can “paint” – I think I’ll get the latest version ( 12, I think is out now ) and try learning again.

Come on Boys – the cameras ready, the paints are ready, the lighting is fine and even if we don’t make a masterpiece – we can have a lot of fun – you pose – I shoot ———   WOW   I can’t wait to get started.  Email me if you want to be a model – by appointment only



Seussical – at the Kad Suan Kaew Theater








Friday night  we went to see “Seussical” at the Kad Theater at Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Center – what a delightful evening.

Check out the SLIDESHOW






And our friend Jim put his photos in his FaceBook – he’s done a much better job of telling the story than I do – I’ll have to take more time and have each of my photos captioned – wow a lot of work – we’ll see




Look At This Gallery – Mark Gerard’s Watercolours








Last night, Thursday 19th, we went to see our friend, Mark’s Grand Opening of his presention of over 30 of his original watercolours at the Look At This Art Gallery, Nimmanhaemin Road, (opposite the Amari Rincome Hotel).  In addition there were also four others artists showing their works in acrylic and oils.  

Nice show, great attendance, especially liked Mark’s paintings – check it out, I’m sure you’ll find one you want for your home.







And they have a great staff too –














David Crisp – memorys

Sawadee Khrap

If you check out my earlier post on David’s Service you will find a comment by Kathy Humphry requesting the names of David’s friends here in Chiang Mai.  She then sent me a beautiful letter of her experiences with David in Scotland.  For all of you who knew David but not in detail, I thought I’d post it here:

Hi Frank

Thank you so much. Many of us here in Scotland have been reading the web and seeing what you have done in Chiang Mai.

I met David about 31 years ago. I thought he was a school boy (smoking in the corner) until he stepped forward to conduct “The Magic Fir Tree” which he had just composed.
I was bowled over and have been a supporter ever since. He then went on to found the Hadley Court Singers and I was an early, though not founder member of that.
The next step was the Lasswade Community Orchestra and I was a founder member of that. I am the only original member left sadly. This orchestra moved from Lasswade and became the Open Orchestra which is thriving and will be holding a celebration concert for David on 21st June in the Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh. This is a lovely old Church on the Royal Mile which is the Church the Queen uses when in residence in Edinburgh. David held his 50th birthday celebration concert there playing a whole concert of his own compositions. We will also be playing only David’s work.  It will be a short concert although we could play for many hours as there is quite a lot of David’s music around. I will need to contact someone in the Spirit House Choir as the Hadley Court Singers wish to perform Adam Lay Ybounden which he dedicated to the memory of the husband of one of the orchestra who died in September. We have the music but none of David’s extra markings – speed, dynamics etc and need help if you don’t mind.

David became very stressed in his last year or two at Lasswade. Teachers are treated very badly in my opinion and when the “system” manages to stress out such a natural and talented teacher as David then I can’t imagine how the rest cope at all and how our kids get any inspiration from school at all. He couldn’t wait to retire and join you all in Thailand. When he finally left I thought we would never hear from him again and indeed he did go completely quiet for about a year BUT in September I got a happy e-mail from him.He was really enjoying life again and was really enjoying his new choir. At Christmas he sent a long e-mail for all of us and again was very happy. I am so glad that he found his peace again before he died though really it would have been better for him to have had loads more time to enjoy it.

As soon as he we heard of his death I discovered that whatever conversations I was having, something always reminded me of David. eg my neighbour was celebrating his 40th birthday that week and I remembered David and a few Hadley Court Singers singing outside my bed-room window on a brilliant summer’s day on my 40th before we all had to go to work. I remember all 4 homes that he had in the Lothian area since I knew him and helped him move. He looked after me when my son needed to stay over night in the Sick Children’s Hospital which was almost next door to where David lived at the time. He gave me Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin to read that night and I have always loved those books ever since. (I lived in San Francisco in the early 70’s).

Your loss is greater than ours. We had really already lost David when he left to go to Thailand but all of you had hoped to have a future with him. I can’t tell you how dreadfully sorry I am.”

Thanks Kathy – I know many will appreciate to learn of David’s amazing past.


Ladyboys, Ladyboys

Sawadee Khrap

3251726909_8cc9b8cb98_mDo you like Ladyboys – well my friend Brian just gave me permission to post a link to his Flickr “prnbrn’s photostream” site .

Lots of great photos  – and he will be adding more in the future.

Brian and his partner Pong will be returning to Chiang Mai soon after they sell their restaurant down south.

Great photographer and look forward to their return and what photos he has done so far.

Enjoy !!!!