Carmina Burana Concert

Sawadee Khrap

Last night Mike and I attended the Carmina Burana Concert presented by The Chiang Mai Carmina-1Youth Philharmonic Band and Symphony Orchestra Foundation of  The College of Music, Payap University, at the Kad Theatre – Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Center.

Click on the image above to view the short video

A masterpiece by Carl Orff. Solo trumpetist   Jakrapan Chaiya and conductor Chaipruck Mekara.  Far beyond my level of sophistication but never the less a great evening.

I used the new Sony A7R11 and shot at 16,000 ISO for the images in the slideshow – There was noise but nothing like the older 7D.  It was well attended and the theatre was fairly dark – I did shoot some at 5000 ISO but the shutter speed was too slow – so for the balance of the performance I used the higher .DSC00707DSC00722


Trip The light

Sawadee Khrap

Thanks Kevin for pointing this video out –   Trip The Light 


click on the image to start the movie

I’m sure you’ll love it.       What a wonderful video!   Turn it up loud!        This is like a trip around the world with a smile on your face.     Enjoy!     There ARE happy people out there. Not everyone is fighting and killing.   One of the best videos you might ever be privileged to view.


"All at Sea" – Pattaya Players – Venue

Sawadee Khrap

pp131122-383x512 Went to this show “All at Sea” last night – a very entertaining, audience participating, Cinderella-Blackbeard story presented at the Venue.   II t was a lot of fun and very engaging.  If you’re here in Pattaya now, make sure you catch one of the other performances. 


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Amazing new Photographic venue

Sawadee Khrap

Just got back from exploring “Art In Paradise” a 3-D art gallery designed so people can become part of the art. Amazing place and great paintings and illusions. The museum features ten galleries – the Camouflage Room, Under the Ocean Room, Wildlife Room, Classical Art Room, Civilization Room, Surrealism Room, Dinosaur Room, Waterfall Room and the Scenery Room.  Tickets are reasonable and no pushing to speed you out.

I didn’t take any time to adjust for lens distortion or perspective – just ran in, got some samples, and out.


For example – these two people (photo #2) just happened to be trying out this scene – I was on the second floor looking down so the illusion is not the same but you can get the idea – would look natural in the shot below – _MG_9543_MG_9627 What possibilities are possible, especially when I can combine Photoshop to replace the models with more erotic and personal poses in the studio that could not have been done at the gallery.

_MG_9497Check out their website – now I can’t wait till I can take some models and visit this museum and Nong Nooch Garden (get some shots to use for perspective) and then some studio sessions with the guys.  Two great photographic venues – I will be busy


Priapus of Milet – Photoshop work

Sawadee Khrap

Thanks Larry for this link to some very erotic, adventurous, sensual Photoshop work and be prepared to see some very explicit images.

CaptureHe chooses images available across the web to construct colleges, using Photoshop to it’s full potential.  Gives me a lot of ideas for future possibilities for my models – although I’m sure that they won’t want to show that much detail – you know what I mean.

More information is available at Mitchmen – the blog     Enjoy!



Sawadee Khrap

Pat from Ireland sent me a couple of his images for me to try CS6 painting effects on.  Here are the originals:1500m Final Finish_

Colin Costello_

and here are the paintings from them.  I tried to show action and emotion and to emphasize the main subjects.  I tried several effects from the new “Oil Painting” to sketching layers and  the new mixing brushes.  Comments appreciated:

1500m Final Finish -Edit-Edit

Colin Costello -paint

What do you think – I am getting better  Pat is going to try and have them printed in a local Running Magazine – and send me a copy, that would be nice.  I’ll tell ya, Photography and Photoshop make a great hobby and one that I can bring to any event and have fun.


WOW–WOW– WOW Johnny Palacios Hidalgo

Sawadee Khrap

In a earlier post – I spoke about a artist called Johnny – but that was all I knew – I also though that he used Photoshop in his work – But thanks to reader “Irrawaddy” I have found him.  Thanks

Johnny Palacios Hidalgo

Johnny Palacios

Much to my amazement he has hand painted his images – WOW  such a great artist – you have to check out his website.  His work is remarkable – I have sent him a email and hope to hear from him soon –

Check out his work


Amazing, Amazing artwork – Johnny

Sawadee Khrap

20120623_100351_0047_0artistalI just came across a small collection of art produced by an artist named “Johnny” – here’s his photo (I think) – there was no full name or other information about him.

I tried to search the web for more information or a web-site address but no success.

For myself,  when I started learning Photoshop – this is what I had hoped I could do  – Now I know Photoshop but I also realize I lack the imagination to produce such compelling and beautiful images.  I look to these for inspiration and ideas.


Here is a  *******SLIDESHOW********  of the all images I found.


And Johnny, if you see this post and wish to have the images removed – I would love to hear from you too.  Amazing work, Amazing.