disento – never travel alone

Sawadee Khrap Here’s the best advice I could give anyone coming (or living here for that matter) to visit Thailand or any Asian Country. Always, always carry “Disento” with you. Very inexpensive and effective.  Eat, drink something and feel that churning, gas  and other problems starting in your stomach – grab your Disento – gone!!!! … Continue reading “disento – never travel alone”

My New Diet– I wouldn’t believed it

Sawadee Khrap Well it’s been 2 weeks since starting my new vegetarian diet – feel great, no acid reflux, no heartburn, most of all the pain I have been having in my legs and back has gone away – and a very clear head and overall great general feeling.   Amazing !!!! 3 weeks ago, I … Continue reading “My New Diet– I wouldn’t believed it”