New House

Well we just rented – or signed the papers – they will have to clean and repair any fixtures or appliances in the house before we actually move in – scheduled for Oct 10th.  We have some plans on remodeling – adding a photo studio/family room addition  and a western kitchen upgrade.  Of course these improvements will wait till the surgery thing is out of the way.    Here’s the front shot:

OurNewHouse-SanSai District  ChiangMai-Thailand









That’s Nu at the gate and our Mira  – it’s a 4BR, 3B, large living room and kitchen/dining area – maids quarters in rear and on a private cul-d-sac with little or no traffic just North of Chiang Mai city in San Sai District. One hell of an address, on San Sai Rd, San Sai Noi Sub-District, San Sai District, Chiang Mai —– lot of San Sai – but easy to remember. 

First thing will be to clean the exterior and paint the place – we are thinking of a sandstone color – somewhat Mexican flavor should do the place justice. First a spruce up and upgrade the kitchen.

We have a 5 year lease and school (Payap College) for Nu is just around the corner – of course we will have to get a motorcycle so he can get to school.  Always something, but most of the pressure is off now – just the move and that should be quick – and rent drops from 19,000 to 13,000 Baht/mo or now $380 US/month —– good savings and secure future so I don’t have to worry about that for at least the next five years – no to get over the back thing and concentrate on retirement.

The story goes on !!!!!!!


1 thought on “New House”

  1. Dear Frank,
    How are you doing? Hope all is great with you and Nu. I saw the picture of your new house, it’s very nice and big.
    Anyway, are you do some painting or finish? If you need some help to paint your new house I am possibly do it!!
    Well, hope your new house brings you, happiness, more friendly environment and comfortably life.
    Take care!!
    Remains Peace,

    Thanks Chhunny – that’s a wonderful offer but I have a professional crew coming in to paint and do reconstruction of kitchen and studio. Just a lot of little stuff to do moving into a new house – old house but new to me – 5555. See you Sunday for MonkChat.

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